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November 29, 2006


That little girl is the cutest thing I've seen!

Brilliant. But, I don't get it, Miz Tigress, they had You-Tube around when you were a kid? ;-)

O.M.G. This is the best thing I've seen in ages!

I'm sending it to everyone!

thanks wt... ;-)

Way cool. Did you read the comments on YouTube? I'm scared of Americans.

Actually, not so fabulous.
It had potential and started out a little funny but got boring really fast. We thought it began to resemble a form of child abuse as they continued to use stop-motion action to get her to complete a sentence. At that point it would've been funnier to do it in claymation with a kid-sounding voice.

Training a little kid to say things she doesn't understand is one thing, teaching a kid to say goddam religion etc. is stupid and only plays into the 'godless librul' Repug chant. Sorta like having mass Moonie-like gay weddings in San Francisco during a presidential election. "Let's rub it in their faces and piss 'em off gud" Rove-inspired idea no doubt.

Ok maybe it wasn't that bad but it still wasn't that funny. Reminded me of Jesus Camp.

You know this kid, Stevie? You know for a fact that she doesn't understand what she's saying?

Maybe you've never taken an acting lesson, but its basis lies in understanding your character's voice, in order to make it more believeable to the audience.

Couldn't help laughing at "if you don't want us to go all MEDIEVAL on your ass..." She really nailed it. Who cares who it plays into? That's one righteous little girl.

Very funny, and if you think this is inappropriate, tell me how you feel about some little 9 year old telling you that there is 250 years of coal under your feet, dumbass.

.....Now that made my day....So much easier to take than little girls handing their dads ribbon wrapped pink boxes.




I agree with Stevie. The screed is too obviously something written by an adult. If the kid really holds similar opinions (and why not?), and is so adorably articulate (can't argue with that), let her express these sentiments in her own words. And the breathless video technique, whatever it is, got very irritating very fast.

I know a 12 year old personally who has been talking like this since she was younger than 8 - at 12 she was taking adult Japanese classes with us recently, and appears to be about 16 or 17. I also have a now 21 year old who was quite precocious in his vocabulary as a child, once famously marching into my obstetrician's office when I was pregnant with my second son and announcing "We're here to look at the pictures of the baby in mommy's uterus!" when I went in for an ultrasound.The stunned nurse looked down at him and asked, "How old are you?"

He looked up at me and asked, "How old am I, mommy?"

I said, "You're three, honey".

He nodded, looked back to the nurse and said, "I'm three."

It's all in how you bring them up....

Ah, this adorable and talented young lass is probably next on the neo-con thug hitlist...if they saw this vid they would piss themselves!
I like her a LOT! She rocks!!!

The girl is Native American. Her people enjoyed having Christianity be forced upon them at gunpoint.

C'mon people, this is a work of art not an entry for the Nobel peace prize. Who cares if the dialog was written by an adult or if some of the subject matter might have been beyond that child's comprehension (although I'd debate the latter). None of that has any bearing on the truth of the message she is conveying. And neither does the quick-cut camera work which is nothing but a matter of artistic style. Frankly, I cannot stand the "mock handheld" video style that is all the rage in certain television dramas, but that doesn't mean the shows are crap.

And explain to me how it is abusive to encourage a child to believe that empathy is the key to non-violence, while it is not abusive to encourage a child to believe that every human who does not worship a particular supernatural super-hero is a lesser being condemed to eternal damnation. Sorry, I will happily share this video with my 12 year old and would do that same if he were still six.

GibbonJabber, a good point. I wasn't familiar with the Bastard Fairies' history before doing a little background research on them, but I will most definitely pimp their message whenever I can.

Reminds me of my daughter when she was that age.

could some one send me the web add, with the full blog of this subgect??

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