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December 08, 2006


Oh, the many times I've stood in that hallway and gotten that exact view of Frist and others marching to the mikes.

Usually I had about a dozen or so heads in the way, but you get the idea.

The Big and Fat store doesn't have his size.

whee, foley report coming out today.

Denny can't afford a jacket that fits. He only makes a Congressman's salary, and what with all the travelling he had to do during the past year due to work stoppage in DC, (and the cost of fuel for the supersized vehicle needed to carry him when he was in DC) there's just nothing left for new clothes.

(I daren't mention the MILLIONS of dollars he made on his own sweetheart land deal in Illinois)

Talk about Film Noir.

Awww, come on guys. Cut him some slack. When does poor Denny have time to shop what with one day work weeks and all?

Just sayin' .....

Yaknow, the only way buttbreath could get a jacket that fits is if he has Omar the Tentmaker whip up something bespoke. Nice to know he and Bill will soon be history. Wish I could say the same for Dick(breath).

Evil, weevil, and sneevil.

Gosh it will be wonderful to see the back of these two incompetent legislators. Has anyone ever disgraced the First Branch so utterly?

John Laesch 2007 !

Fristy sure needs him some ugly short squabby friends to look pretty, don't he?

What a sight

The three ugly, stupid pigs of the apocalypse

What do you mean, "Denny get a suit that fits." That IS his suit that fits!

Hey, ease up! Even Omar the Tentmaker couldn't do anything with Denny hulking masses yearning to breathe free.

Well...that suit DID fit Hastert, but then he just had to go by that free buffet the Halliburton group was offering....

Looks like Hastert has been hitting the "wassail" pretty hard since the November debacle.

Arrgh boys, whats on the lunch menu:

Baby Seals, Cat Chops and Foley Leftovers.

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