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January 30, 2007


He's a dickhead, a tool, an effing prick. I wish him the saddest birthday on the planet.

sweet jeebus what the hell IS that? TELL me you photoshopped that...

Roses are picked
Violets are plucked
Dick's 60-something
The rest of us are f***ed.



"sweet jeebus what the hell IS that? "

I'm guessing...gerbil?

That not being a colostomy bag would explain why Lynn always looks so haggard!

That's the worst hernia I've ever seen! How are they going to get that intestine back up out of his nutsack and into his abdomen?

There once was a limp Dick from Wyoming
who was cursed with a somnolent manthing
it only would grow
when Lynne went lesbo
or on a man's face dick's load was a-shooting

I bet it's a dead quail.

Jesus, even his smile looks like a snarl.

Didn't know you were a poet, Tengrain, but I should have known.

Oh, and it's a colostomy bag, because if Dick had a cock that big he wouldn't be such an evil motherfucker.

Dear Dick,

Put that old pacemaker
Up on the shelf;
Your affairs, put in order,
And go fuck yourself.

Happy birthday.

What's really disgusting is to remember how the wingers drooled over this photo when it first came out. Ewwww.....!

love the poems too funny : )

Thanks for the goat testicles; just what I needed to go with my horns.

A tisket, a tasket, something's wrong with Dick's basket.

Looks like a urine drainage bag to this retired nurse.... maybe the old boy has a bit of a leakage problem (in more ways than one)

Isn't that the back of Harry Whittington's head?

It's that slimeball Joe LIEberman hidden in there doing what he does best.

so THAT'S why they call him Dick......

Foley catheter? Grotesque testicular swelling? Or is this some sort of weird guerrilla marketing for Viagra? I'd love to know, as long as I'm not the one to investigate...

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