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January 17, 2007


Who the hell makes that kind of facial expression, at least in public?

Oh, I know, it's her "O face"!

Is that for real??? Did you know that in Oz, the Press Gallery in Parliament House is only allowed to take pic's of the pollies when they are standing and speaking (to reduce the chance of pollies being caught out snoozing, or worse yet - picking their noses!!!)

Gosh Spanky, I'm-a gettin' tired a diplomating.

Both of these people belonged to a gang....

Condi wins the ed Grimley lookalike contest by a nose hair, I must say

How did this country get so fucking polite and not laugh these absurd not to mention ridiculous looking fucks out of the room after like the first half hour.

Fucking jesus. I mean.

I miss Xristi.

Spankies intentions were good, tho.

I always preferred rice to alfalfa until now.

>Condi wins the ed Grimley lookalike contest by a nose hair, I must say

Condi wins the Worf-lookalike contest by a forehead ridge, I must say.

This is damn near perfect!

True perfection will be when the thugs who have been running and ruining our country are impeached, imprisoned and impaled.

and Sharkbabe, I miss her, too.

What Sharkbabe and Leslie said.

"Thanks for the hair gel, Mr. President!"

"Anytime, Condi!"

what sharkbabe and leslie and margie said.

Pod Person Condi spots a human in the crowd!

I can assure you that Condi never has had JBF'd hair. Ever.



Tonight, on the GOP Family Values Channel at 8:00, "There's Something About Condi".

instant smile on my face. thank you.

Good lord, I didn't even have to scroll down before I started laughing. Ed Grimley indeed, I really must say, I really must say...

And she is also a founding member of the He Man Woman Haters CLub....

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