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February 05, 2007


Wickedest Funniest evah ....

i'm from Mass.

WOW !!!!!

Ha! Hahahahhahahah! Chortle. Snort.

I hope he got fair market value for his soul. You only get to sell it once after all.

These deserve a much larger audience! Too funny! I drink to you tonight!


Biggest laugh I've had in weeks - and I'm Canadian!

LOL Classic!

oh yeah!!!!!!
someone give this girl a prize..
You are the political artiste extraordinaire!

I just posted that...d'oh
but old man from scenes unknown (yet appealing) appeared as author.

ah, now I see that I twice erred...

I hope he got fair market value for his soul. You only get to sell it once after all.
dayyyyummmm fine reflection.

They are the true threat. We are their moon.

it's about time the real photos were revealed. Thank you WT for this public service.

Mooninites on my teebee: $80/month
Mooninites in Boston: $2 million settlement
Mooninites at the UN: Priceless


Looks like memory card that controls LauraBot's pinky!

Most excellent!

And why hasn't Colin Powell come forward to drop a heapin' helpin' of truth atop the Bush nest 'o vipers?

"Two forms of I.D, and you can suck them both!"

A grand slam by the goddess of humor. Sprayed coffee.

OMFG, that is hilarious! I can't believe how much that made me laugh!! Instant Watertiger Hall of Fame for this one!!!

Pure genius, WT -- you are the Queen of Photoshop Snark!

Perhaps if Saddam didn't try so hard to make himself look so powerful and threatingly deadly, he wouldn't have stretch marks on his neck.

Sad to say, the whole world fell for it, not just the Bush administration.

If a madman waves a fake pistol and the cops shoot him - it is not the fault of the cops - they read the threat correctly even though there was never a real threat. To act as if everything might be fake is suicide. Bush did the right thing for what now in hindsight seem all the wrong reasons.

If you read the reports that were available but made just a wee bit harder to find (Scott Ritter, for example), you'd have known as I did the administration was lying.
And they haven't stopped ...
Just like now.

The smoking gun may well come in the form of the Quad Laser! Mooninites, lock in!

No, not the Quad Laser! WALK! WALK FOR YOUR LIVES!

Watertiger --

No money and not much thanks goes out in that cold, harsh, internet world.

And thanks don't buy crap.

But these COLON-PICS and your retinue are truly excellent.

Put up a prominent link for contributions.

Your work, in my opinion, is far more vital and funny than anything I've seen lately in a fucking art museum.

Partly cuz you're not dead yet.


Douglas Watts
Augusta, Maine

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