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February 14, 2007


We need those for emoticons.

Oh man, that's wonderful. Is this a WT original?

Wow, those really are great.


ai-yup. I suppose I should make the watermark a little brighter.

rewarding, very, very rewarding. lov u pixel girl.

that's tremendous.

I fear what you might do with valentine chocolates from Bush Co.

Beaut-a-mous. ;-)

Man oh Manischewitz, that's a keeper.

How sweeeeeeeeeeet it is!!

What I meant was....You are wicked bad, Ms Tiger!

As our sister in Australia would say, "BRILLIANT, MATE!!!"You are too, too clever and creative, WT. Love it! Thanks for the big, big smile your valentine evoked on this grey, grey day.!!!More exclamation marks.!!


Those are great!

You have got to do the Wingnut Harpy Conga Lineā„¢.

There are actually places on teh intarwebs where you can order batches of those conversation hearts with custom messages -- like here, for instance: https://www.customhearts.com/customhearts/index.htm

Surely by now you're also thinking what I'm thinking... *grin*

candy-coated truths?

Those are "American Chistian" values we've all come to love.

Be my Valentine.

(I'm asking all the girls and a few of the men.)

Father Nelson,

Do you always refer to females in the diminuative? "girls" is the juvenile term, and surely you wouldn't be approaching children with candy!

I'm late, as usual, but your candy hearts are priceless. If we haven't impeached the bastard by next year (please, oh please) you should market them. I'd by a dozen boxes.

here's some for next year:

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