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February 12, 2007


Oy. Yes, yes, I suppose the majority of Iraqis would definitely agree that Bush is VERY compassionate.

What an asshole.

seriously, blow it off as the mind-fucking of a sociopath -- more torture to make us rub our eyes and squeal: whaaa-aaaa-aaaaa?

What's scary and telling in the interview is he says he hasn't
changed in his six years in office. 9/11 notwithstanding,
you'd think that he'd have changed a least a little. Most
of the rest of the country sure as hell has. But nope, and
he seems almost proud of it. He's still the same ol' Incurious George. As provincial, uninquisitive, unimaginative -- and pernicious -- as ever. And, not having the sitting VP run for office is a good thing since it leads o "instability"??? WTF? If anyone knows a thing or two about "instability", it's those two knot-heads.

Just the kind of guy we'd all like to have a beer with, right? Uh, NOT.

I'd be willing to give up my seat in the afterlife to hear Xristi's perspective on this!

Naw, he just gets off on all the incredulous and wrathful reactions to Himself - like ANY Littl' Gawd - damned drunk!

I think he just spews what rises out of his nerve center. He is nothing more than the 20 or 30 lines of his own rhetoric!

Chimps can only be taught so much.

In reading the entire article, the most troubling aspects, were the notationss that he laughed at many differeent times, when discussing deadly serious topics...whole post is a must read. Chilling.

Between Dick and Dork, it sounds like a classic case of "Folie a deux".

He actually believes Karl Rove. Imagine that.

Why, yes, if by "compassionate" you mean rapacious, bottom-feeding, lying, bigoted, corrupt, homophobic, stupid bullying greedheads who would happily burn this country to the waterline and everyone in it if it meant an extra $10 of personal gain.

Well, there won't be any "Bush Republicans" since no one will want to associate themselves with the worst president EVER.

I just hope that the rest of his life is consumed with litigation.

Yeah, he's about as compassionate as good ol' Ma, Battleship "This whole losing their homes and living in a Superdome is working out very well for them" Bar.

heckovajob Bush forgot Katrina, I guess.

From the article:
"Asked outright if he had changed at all in the last six years, he said no: "You'd better ask Laura, but I feel like the same fellow who came up from, uh, Texas. I don't feel changed." "

And I am wondering . . . Has he been wearing the same diaper for the last 6 years???

I think the boy in the bubble's been sniffing his own farts for too long...And as for "...his father, who he said was one of the most underrated presidents in American history"...?

Substitute 'prosecuted' for 'rated'...Ah, that's the ticket.

"Some people call you the 'haves' and the
'have mores'...I call you my base".
Yup, god-DAMN compassionate.


Then he pursed his lips and mockingly whispered,"Don't kill me".....

"Ah hev al-ways depended on the blahndness of strangers...."

And no one slapped the little shitstain sideways with a fucking rotten fish?

Gitmo is *especially* compassionate.

No, George...to us one of your phrases..."it's just the opposite!"
...you'll be known as the "Torture President"

torturing people, tortured logic, torturing the language, torturing the country

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