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February 12, 2007


It'd take a lot of guts for her to play the violin.

Oh Sorghum Crow! ar ar ar

That was pretty freaking amazing. Does she know how to get to Carnegie Hall?

Oh, wow! I thought that when Nora reared up on her hind legs that she was going to give us Jerry Lee Lewis' rendition of "Great Balls of Fire"!

She didn't look too pleased to be joined by the student. She seemed to be saying, "Stop that noise; I can't hear what I'm doing!"

Oh, the emotion and intensity of her play-the excrutiating exactitude of the technical details. The true connection she manifests with her viewing public...

My cats have been scared of music since the female knocked the electric guitar over on top of the male. Between the feedback, the yowls, and the helpless laughter of Mr left rev., they won't go near the instruments again.

She can play the piano better than I can!

Amazing, that is my cute fill for the day.

love it!

I bet Mme X wants one just like her for accompaniment on her cloud.


"I wish my brother, George, was here," said Liberacat.

Apparently, this very talented kitty is playing by ear.


This is a cause for paws.

Monkeyfister, LOL!!!

*scared my own cat with that outburst*

tew kewt!


I was a piano teacher for fifteen years, until I decided that most of my students weren't playing much better than the cat. At least the cat practices, I guess! Now I just howl with my dogs.

Those keys have to be coated with catnip.

I have to say that was the cutest Video I have ever seen and I have seen many! Such a talented kitty and so beautiful. My kitties came running up the stairs when they heard the Piano.

Barbi :-))

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