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February 23, 2007


I was looking for "Barbara Bush BDSM" on Google Images.

UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH! I think I just lost my lunch. There are some things which simply do not bear contemplating.

Couldn't you have at least photo-shopped a wee turd underneath her "stool"?

Ooops, I'm sorry, I forgot that that I wasn't on Rising Hegemon. Nevermind.

its funny ,you cant really tell if she has MORE pearls under her neck swaddle

Just think of all the unspeakable things Chimpy forced Laura to do on that chair.

Shouldn't there be a hole in the seat?

The chair I'd really like to see Babs in has restraints and is connected to electrical lines.

I think that's really Hugh Downs in drag...

http://farm1.static.flickr.com/135/400068752_dfb0013bd3.jpg>'Sit on my face, and tell me that you love meeee...'


Y'know, someone with mad Photoshop skillz could surely do some simple tinkering with that left hand to make it more, um, reminiscent of what Babs and her family think of most of us...

hint, hint...

Lord, a coquettish Barbara Bush? The mind reels.......

Looks likes Babs is fixin' to go all "Mt. Suribachi" with that flag.

chair, by Phillip Grace...Gift to Barbara Bush from Mr. Grace

Just what everyone dreams of -- to be able to sit in their own lap!

...and probably as hairy as hounds!

This is the time-out chair for Georgie when he was a being a bad governor!

What in gods name are those two bulges under her dress eminating from her groin??. She's got two?

Mr. Grace seems to have an interesting mental idea of Mrs. Bush. Note the lady-like crossed ankles, tucked coquettishly under the chair. Her left eyebrow is cocked in anticipation, her left hand is curled towards herself with a come-hither appeal. In her right hand is an erect flag, and her thumb points upwards in an approving way.

A young conservative man could feel very warm and loved while blogging from that chair in his mother's basement.

She's giving the American flag the FINGER !!!

And what's with the weird Egyptian Third Dynasty/Grandma Moses two dimensionality ?

Coulda been worse...

A most remarkable lifelike painting.
Her flat, loveless and cold collapsed lap-(vaginal thinning taken to the absurd)- combined with the cardboard incapacity to stand erect on useless legs translates into her as the perfect vehicle for a brain-damaged cold-hearted inarticulate drydrunk mama's boy with delusions of grandeur.
Somehow it makes sense. . .
Fucked up as it is.

I'm thinkin' to be more life-like, size wise, shouldn't that be a park bench?

"Smile and think of the flag and country, dears," whispered Babs to the twins, as she herself turned Japanese.



[head explodes]

The chair is swell, but darkblack is inspired....

darkblack, that's fabulous! Hee!

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