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March 24, 2007


Is this what they ment by "Put a Tiger in your Tank"?

I think I saw that guy in an editorial cartoon for Punch, circa 1897.

I bet he has to fart in the tub if he wants a jacuzzi...

why does 'satan loves cheney' come up as my moniker when i vistit here?

that pic so reminds me of steve, my cat. big burly guy, always acting tough, but too damn cute.

More dignity between those toes than in all of Bushco!

teh cute!!!

'satan loves',
your Steve sounds exactly like my big-boy cat, name's Harvey. Gotta love 'em, even tho we see right thru 'em.

"What? The manicurist STILL hasn't arrived? Oh, well, bring me another glass of champagne..."


Yaknow, you have to wonder how that tiger got into that very narrow tank. Teh cute. I bet s/he's thinking, "Hmm, bushco appetizers ..."

reminds me of my basil when he gets in 'his box'. same box under my desk he would go in as a baby kitten, now a 12+ lb cat he still manages to squeeze in.

Yes, I was wondering how that tiger got in the tank as well. If tigers are anything like my cat, it's a wonder that tank didn't upset and spill out all over the ground. For what it's worth, I'm not so sure my cat wouldn't climb in a tank full of water, considering that he likes to put his front feet in the bowl when drinking from the toilet, and did climb into a bucket with water in the bottom so he could drink out of it. (Purloined water tastes better.)

Soup supper at the Cheney's house.

How can an animal so fierce be so adorable at the same time?

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