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March 10, 2007


otherwise known as "eat me".


Does he have Chimpy's pubic hair stuck in those teeth of hers, or what?

I think she's found that pubic hair that Clarence Thomas was looking for.

I swear I read "pubic humiliation".

When Polident fails.

Haven't seen much of the secostate lately; wonder where she's been?

I had a professor in law school who would do that....when his upper plate slipped. Just saying.

fuck her and her husband sideways. then send them to live in Baghdad. goddamn fucks. It's too much. I need xristi.

Sharkbabe, we all need Xristi.



TerryC is right, it looks like she's trying to get one of bush's 'short'n'curlies' out of her teeth.

Gawd, what an image before breakfast...

Note: LIEsa uses sunglasses to keep shit like that out of her LIE'neyes.

"I'll never get this taste out of my mouth...George always warned me never to mix Arab and Israeli"

Kinda mullet-y over the collar, Condi....


If she can only remember which hollow tooth has the cyanide....

Has she graduated from scratching them?

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