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April 26, 2007


Can't you just hear her going "tcha, they can't make me do anything I don't want to".


Who knew that Kindasleeza was supposed to tell the truth when testifying before Congress?

Betcha she beats Abu's 74 of a kind.

Doesn't match her shoes? I donno...seems like she must be wearing flip-flops a lot lately.

You're not the boss of MEEEEE!

Sorry, dude, before I can take that thing you have to translate it into Klingon.

Spawn of Warf.

Where'd the gap go?

"Unitary executive finsies!"


Where'd the gap go?

Whoa! The miracle of bonding!

"Hey, me go there tonight? I want confirmation that Laura's in the hotel"

"What choo mean white boy?"

"Upside your head wit dat subpoena, honkies. And, NO I ain't givin back James Brown's hair either. SO, backoff you mofo's"

Watertiger, that is one of your best captions!

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