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April 22, 2007


Pope Imelda I?


oh the bitch-slapping Jesus would give his supposed spiritual descendants...Ratso probably whacks off gazing at Vatican balance sheets rather than porn...hope he's reborn as one of the surplus street kids of Rio whose conditions he created...JP II too, don't care how pretty he was...evil fucking bastards, the lot of em.

i am sure only popes get the red shoes.

and shoe designers gaga to have the pope wear their shoes? the pope is like the 'brittney spears' of today? who is the top fashionista right now?

"...made from kangaroo hide."...

I'll refer to His Popeness from now on as "Skippy"!

At least all the unbaptized babies won't go to Limbo, thanks to the Pope's revolutionary report issued this week. Amazing the contortions they go through in order to gain adherents: "Oh, no dear, that aborted fetus of yours will be in heaven waiting for you, now eat the cracker and drink the wine!"

"Pope Benedict last year made headlines in the fashion media after reports that some of his shoes were designed and donated by top Italian fashion houses such as Prada but the Vatican has never confirmed this.
"The Pope's footwear, usually red or burgundy, is called the "shoes of the fisherman" since popes are the successors of St Peter the Apostle, who was a fisherman."

And those "fishermen" back in the day, you know they always wore Prada.

Imelda Marcos must be green with envy.

I thought the fakers claimed to take a vow of poverty? Sure glad I'm a agnostic - religion is fake!

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