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April 09, 2007


How much IRONY can one country take?!

AAAAAGGGHHH Just peed my pants!

So Darth has a soft spot for Wasscally Wabbit cotton tail, eh?

Strawberry Shortcake should never be pushed out of the nose. Thanks for the lesson, Watertiger.

oh, lordy.....

pagentry, the bush favorite hard werk.

Actually, Laura's reading Antonin Scalia's new chidren's book about his BFF Dick Cheney.

According to Tbogg:

"After her welcome, the first lady sat in one of the area's designated reading nooks and read "Duck for President," by Doreen Cronin. It's a story of a duck who gets sick of farm chores and decides to run for office - first for head of the farm, then governor and, finally, president. In the end he decides running the country is too much work and goes back to the farm."

Man, the jokes do indeed write themselves.

And belated Happy Easter passive-aggressive snaps to the Laurabot. Didn't know you had it in you, hon.

I thought he was going to say a surprise visit by Mitt Romney.

Nice to see one of the Reagan thrones outta the attic.

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