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April 24, 2007


Classic! Looking forward to more! Love that mouthwash.

You've outdone yourself once again. Looking forward to the next episode.

Quite, quite brilliant!

Nice 'Archie Bunker' moment at the end..."Edit', we're outta TP heyah..."

Carmela, my favorite info-babe


I have watched these umpteen times and still can't stop laughing.

I mentioned this on ntodd's blog, but I think if you took the blonde wig off Altmouse (who, btw, needs a new stylist!) you could probably do Coulter. Just add a cup each of scowl and a shriek and voila.

Until mentioned in my comments, I had no idea this was you.

I bow in your direction.

That would be northeast I do believe.

I bow in your direction.

That would be northeast I do believe.

North-northwest, actually...

Well, I give up Snark, I'll never be able to top this.


Well, these are fucking incivil.

Bravo !

"If Jesus came back he'd be Attorney General."

/falls off chair laughing

Lesley, I'd need to drop about 50 pounds before I got Coulter's haggard, desperate look down.

Upon the throne no less! HAHAHAHA Perfect!

Upon the throne no less!

She's the queen!

Ohhhhh ! My sweet Carmela's just hit the floor. That was sooo dead on it was skerry.


Jayzus god. That's frighteningly good. And way sexier than the real Pam.

... I have no idea what happened or who "ifthethunderdontgetya" is, but that last one was actually me.

With the first one, I don't know whether to be turned on or terrified at the accuracy.

With the second one, I'm pretty sure it's the latter.

I literally couldn't tell the difference between that and the real Althouse. It's like I was seeing double.

What a hoot! With the Idiot Usurper Boy King channeling the biblical heroes these days, let us assign Abu G the role of 'jawbone of an ass'. Atlas Juggs, biblical scholar as she is, would understand this.

My humble thanks. Bravo!

Both outstanding. I'm speechless. Except to note that that's a dead ringer for my (cloth) shower curtain in Vid #1 and I'm rather fond of it.

Watching the Althouse vid again, it occurs to me that the voice bears some resemblance to Jiminy Glick's. The dramatic falsetto abruptly diving into baritone and back again slays!

My son says I can't be friends with you anymore! He thinks you're feeding my crazy and says that you're not a good influence on me.

Wow. The thought of channeling either of these women, but especially Juggs, is scary. You guys are brave.

A 2-fer and so frakkin fantastic. ::::mucho laughter & wild applause::::

You owe me a new keyboard, you biatches!

teh classic.

Bad mouths the food and the guests, steals her hosts meds, and fishes a used condom out of the garbage and then puts her hand to her mouth without washing it. These people are/ were running your country. Nice, really . fucking. nice.

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