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May 07, 2007


Well, at least the Queen is smiling for a change. Who is that on the right, Nancy Reagan or Mary Tyler Moore?

Wa Ching, I do believe that is Nancy Reagan. As to the Queen's smile, I believe she is upwind whereas Mrs. Reagan is (from her expression) sadly downwind and in full possession of her olfactory sense.
Gosh, but I do love Jason Reed right now - catching the frat-boy-who-would-be-the-commanderer/deciderer in such a 'first time public speaking and lost mah notes' (or loss of bladder control?) look...

Her Majesty is rocking some impressive bling.

uh oh, looks like he's gonna give nacy a back rub.

uh oh, looks like he's gonna give nacy a back rub.

Queen's got that oh-so-charming-to-the-older-ladies Supreme John Roberts as her dinner date. Those lads know how to make the old gals laugh!

Nancy looks like she's missing her Ahnuld.

Damn, I wish Liz II had cold-cocked every single Rethug with her handbag.

"tequila bean chimichanga" – Dipfuck's expression


Nancy just realized what that high-pitched squealing noise fo the last 10 seconds was.


See, royalty does have a sense of humor (or at least a great sense of humor when it comes to assholes like GWB).

just snuck up on me

What worrys me is if he should start throwing it around in true chimp fashion!

BTW where's the Bot? Nancy Reagan rates over the Bot to sit next to the Chimp in Chief?

"Her Majesty is rocking some impressive bling."

Uh, yeah. She's the one with the Crown Jewels(TM).

Hey! That guy, a few days ago, with the Corgi hat - was that Bill Richardson?

Blame it on Nancy.

This looks like W just caught the frantic signalling from Condi across the room saying, "NO! NO neck rubs!"


"NO! Sit back down!"


"YES! Down! Now!"

I've read that the crown jewels are never actually worn except for coronations, maybe a few other special occasions. What you usually see are reproductions, with real jewels of course.

If there's a god(dess), that tequila bean chimichanga produced a Johnny Cash moment for Der Chimpster(Burnin' Ring of Fire)......

boy howdy, nancy is lookin' old. and not too happy having to play second fiddle to the real queen. No, I don't mean the chief justice.

I believe that caption should read: Eh Nancy.....pull my finger..ha ha

i guess nancy's still a whore -- whatever happened to all that bullshit hoo-rah that she hated the chimperor's guts?

oh i forgot -- the codicil that says "...unless the fucking your majesty is there and i get to sit at the head table."

re: wtf - perlman?

kinda makes ya long for the good old days when the likes of an artist as noble as antiwar activist robert lowell [refused in an open letter an invitation to the johnson white house festivities on account of his policies in vietnam]. i can't find what he played, but i would welcome knowing he at least played a litle something from shostakovich's thirteenth symphony (subtitled "babi yar").

oh well, i guess it's not everyday you get to play the violin for 5 of the planet's most egregious war criminals. [assuming gonzo was there.]

Her Maj is working it in this pic. "I haz a crown"

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