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May 29, 2007


did it. passed it on.




Signed and passed on to my friends. Thanks, W-T.


I fully support each of your decisions to support this petition.
For my part, it is too much akin to "Hanging's too good for him, throw the bum out."
Which, while I can understand the sentiment, I disagree with. Fervently.
Catch and release is for endangered or threatened wildlife, such as cutthroat trout or Atlantic striped bass, not incompetent partisan hacks who have spent the entirety of their DOJ appointments urinating on the US Constitution.


kenga ~ I understand your thinking. Unfortunately, there is little else we can do to correct this immense "problem" (within the law, that is). Plus, and unfortunately, this Gonzo creature is not an endangered species. There are way too many where he came from eagerly waiting in the wings to win favor with the "war pResident", Decider", "Commander guy".(resident dipshit - thanks DWT)

But if we start by impeaching this criminal lawyer, we may at least send a message that the manipulation and desicration of our Constitution will not be tolerated.

sorry for the long post...I hope it made sense. (I'm home struggling with allergies and medication side effects today)

if they can impeach judge alcee hastings, they can impeach abu.

i wonder what skeletons he has on georgie. and will he spill if forced to leave?

pansypoo ~
I'm reading "Fortunate Son" and there's plenty of skeletons buried there.

Gonzo hid all manner of information when shrub was CEO/governor of Texas.

Bush would never have been able to steal the white house without him.

why abu is always smiling.

'cuz he's a knowing idiot ?

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