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May 16, 2007


"Swingin' with Dick Cheney." LOL

I hope that's high upon the gallows?

I thought John Bolton was the swinger.

what song playing in his eyePod? i shot the surrih.

He's listening to streaming audio of prisoners being tortured.

Falwell to Cheney; "Come on over, Dick, it's not so bad being dead. Oh, and PLEASE BRING ICE!!!!"

I saw an article very recently implicating ipods with pacemaker malfunctions. "Interfering with the telemetry equipment caused the device to misread the heart's pacing and in one case caused the pacemaker to stop functioning altogether"
Your post isn't a reference to that? Maybe the White House senior staff is attempting to get rid of Cheney?

AvoidingWork, that's EXACTLY what I'm referring to! ;-)

i am bemused at the stupidity of his underlings.

What exactly is the point of giving someone an iPod -- and CDs???
Unclear on the concept, methinks...

Thanks, double-you-tee, great grafic!!

Excellent, Watertiger. Think Apple will want to use it?

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