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June 23, 2007


Yes, That's the trouble, WT-----he IS the fucking president.
(deep sobbing)

What JimmyDean'sFuckedUpCousinClyde said.

And how he said it.

(more deep sobbing)

oh, and "Make sure you pick up all the trash after it's over."


A tight power handshake's the only way to keep unwanted head rubs and face slaps away when Preznit Honky McMoney's in 'bad touch' mode.

'Pick up the trash when it's over'...What an f-in' skell.

there is, apparently, video of that picnic, and as much as I'd like to argue otherwise, Bush directed that "trash" comment to the crowd, not the musicians.

There are a lot of photo ops lately. Does he think he can run again? He appears to be in campaign mode. Also sobbing at the very thought.

That's true, WT...The 'trash' remark was directed at the crowd.

But...He referred to the musicians as 'mediocre', and implied that their efforts "beat workin'..." - So, he's still a "Presidential seal on his Y-fronts-wearin'" skell, albeit one with a tidy streak.

Directing people to clean up trash is second nature to Bush - he's had others cleaning up after him his entire privileged life.

God, just once, I'd like to see a musician "el Kabong" his empty head.


he's the living fucking definition of "mediocre". Jeeeeezus.

Thank you WT, but why the fuck do the brutha's have to capitulate???

I wish Grace Slick were there, with a load of liquid Owlsley all over the palm of her hand...
You wanna see a bummer...?
(Hopefully, Live on TV!)
I wonder how many-second delay they got on Bush's speechs.

If only he kept his activities ceremonial in nature. What was I thinking? That is the role of the Vice President.

Dear God, when will this term end?

Regarding the streak on his skivvies, I believe he's the first person I've ever seen who wears the streak on his shoulders, ABOVE the skivvies...

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