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June 25, 2007


Mormon Tabernacle sings "Battleax of the Republic".

I believe that color is called "raspberry jam."

The upper half of that get-up is what skin looks like when overexposed to radiation from one of those missles - she originally bought it for the 50th anniv. of Hiroshima party.

i thought she was an ugly pez dispencer.

ooh, her arms are looking old! pooh, she is old.

And that's the only place she's harbored a missile for years and years and years.

sister, would that be a (wait for it)...

stinger missle?

Lipstick matched to dress color? check.
Unflattering sleeve length? check.
Shiny skirting? check.
See-through top with applique? check.

When gay designers (who secretly hate her) strike!

Why, that's Aunt Bea's special party dress!

Unfortunately, Laura failed the So You Think You Can Dance audition.

hmmm.. looks like it is taking every ounce of her strength to keep that left index finger away from the nose.

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