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June 23, 2007


Congratulations! The best I could do was a PG-13. I gotta stop watching my language.

If they did it by visuals, NC-17...But all my hifalutin' typing gets a PG.


If I were a 13-year old sneaking onto your R-rated blog, I'd be disappointed. There's nothing here to cause an "erection lasting more than 4 hours."

Unless, of course, the precocious lad found his way to this picture.


NC-17 Baby for Rising Hegemon!

Apparently gay tiger cubs would help.....

Rising Hegemon After Dark got a PG rating.

Explain that one.

I was just working my way into XXX!

Must have been that picture of Fred and the "Thompson twins."

Only an R for me too. What kind of fucking shit is that?

well, Gadflying was rated NC-17.
Ya think maybe they didn't understand it?

Well, you said fucking, so now you're NC-17.

NC-17 for my blog - it said one of the reasons was because I repeated 'Dick' 9x. I guess you just need a post berating Gauleiter Cheney and you'll get the rating.

ok, i expected PG-13, but becase i used the word death? and hell?
death??? and i only used fuck twice???

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