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July 30, 2007


O'Cryly is just jealous. Joe's in his favorite spot.

Why would BillO be so unusually beside himself?

There's nothing in there for Joe to take out and 'kiss better'.


I like it so much I made it my desktop.

sorry george that this photo and not you "posture photo" from Yale made it on the intenet. We Are Still waiting for the brave soul who will post you Posture photo (nudie, that is)

Almost makes we want to start a blog so I can piss off Bill O'Reilly, too. But I'm too lazy, so I'll just cheer you and Attaturk & Co. and the rest of the rabid venomous lambs with blogs.

W looks ready for some jowl action!

Please let us know of any stern letters or visits by FAUX security.

You know, there actually IS something wrong with that picture...oh, wait...here you go:

Grr...forgot a single "


Michael - shame on you - right at the dinner hour - yuck!

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