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August 20, 2007


I'm just speechless about those foot thongs....foot thangs....foot things.

The weirdest...
Almost looks like cake.
Maybe Ding-Dongs...

hope Daddy dearest doest get the first dance,and step on the little princess' toesies

I think you have the makings of your next calendar

Hope Jenna doesn't fall off those things. And land on not-Jenna.....

Oh. My. God.

I love me some flip flops.... but shit.

I'd like to see her step in a Barney-present in the Rose Garden with those thangs on her ugly feet.

Almost looks like cake.
Maybe Ding-Dongs...

Wedding Ding Dongs. I can see them serving them at the reception. Connecticut via Texas white trash.

Oooooh drama! Will Jenna's nail fungus clear up in time?

are you sure they are high enough?

Naw. Need those four-inch platform heels with the goldfish in 'em.

Pansy - they are almost as high as the bride-to-be...

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