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September 12, 2007


Wow! That's some confidence the campaign has, to have the presidential action figure out so early.

I'm thinking the most appropriate punditry for the 2008 election would be Joel and the 'bots.

OOOOOooooo! ZAP! Things are pretty bad for the Thompson camp when The Creature looks better than Freddie.

Dave Edmunds did a rockin' song called The Creature From the Black Lagoon on his Repeat When Necessary album.

It is now my official soundtrack for the day.

I didn't realize Thompson had been in Hollywood for so long....

It looks like Freddie has lost weight. And he actually looks worse.

How do people think he's attractive, mentally or physically?

Someone should let Margaret Carlson know that while the first guy might be taken, the second guy there is apparently still available.

The Creature is far better looking! What an insult.

The Creature's color is better.

oh and: HA HA HA HAHAA

ya know, last night I saw a photo similar to that top one.
I kept connecting it to terrorists and 9/11.
I was so scared, I was awake all night.

(It doesn't look any better in the light of day.)

No way, the Creature looks vital and energetic by comparison. In my captions, I compared him to the grandfather from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

That top creature is in obvious pain. Look at the poor thing howl. It must have been subjected to a question from a potential voter.

dang. amazing what make-up can do when you are on teevee! i had no idea they had a zombie on Law & order.

I was going to say he looks like Don Rickles, but Rickles is far more appealing.

Dude's campaign is over before it even gets started.

I'm telling you, he looks like the scary preacher in the Poltergeist movies. He's no Reagan - at least Reagan looked lifelike.

You sure he didn't have an uncredited appearance as the Flukeman on X-Files?

heh heh. he shoulda been prayin' to Jeebus for better skin and hair!

/pissed-off theoconservative voter

raygun had a better makeup artist.

Think the teeth are real? Naaaaaaaaaah!

Think the teeth are real? Naaaaaaaaaah!

Think the teeth are real? Naaaaaaaaaah!

Think the teeth are real? Naaaaaaaaaah!

Mmmm. Smell the Aqua Velva!

LOL! FIrst big laugh of the day! Thanks.

I think Thompson was separated at birth from the actor Julian Beck, who played maniacal Reverend Henry Kane in The Poltergeist.

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