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September 16, 2007


i had to expect a head stand.

brilliant. love you.

Now that the protest is over. 190 people were arested. And I assume none of the politicians were really listening (no one I know has received a response from his/her congresscritter) it's time to start a real protest. Hit em where it hurts. Their wallets.
Shut It Down
Was started to put a real end to the war and hopefully change the direction of this country. Feel free to link to the site. And no I won't take donations. This is real folks and people are dying. It's time to stop it,

I have come to depend upon your handstands. Know that. :-D

Sorry I couldn't be there, and thanks for fighting the good fight.

I think the pic of you by the Washington Monument should be made into a postcard for tourists.

I like one of the suggestions at the Pax Americana link, and I would expand on it thusly: Have some "Freeper Bloggers" marching along with their flags and their bags of Cheetos, carrying banners to the effect that "Warbloggers Rawk" and "Operation Iraqi Freedom Begins in My Mom's Basement."

WT, that pic of the little one looks like it was taken about a block from where I work.

The BBC World News coverage was really crappy yesterday. It said there were anti-war and pro-war rallies in Washington DC, which just goes to show how divided Americans are on the issue. It wasn't till I read the AP report this morning that I read the antiwar demo was estimated at 100,000 and the pro-war as "up to 1,000". You'd never have known it from the Beeb.

Hats off to you WaterTiger for the headstand on that hill. :-)

Awesome that you came to the protest!

WT, next time you dive off the Washington Monument, just skim like a flying squirrel to a bellysliding stop. It's easier on the do that way.

The mutherfucking powers-that-be gave the prowar assholes greater press than the peacemongers.
Ignoring the assholes should be easy --- they're like chuckholes though. You can't always avoid them.

Clyde that only shows that the media is owned by corporate America and Shrubco Inc. Real truth is on the internet.
And WT thanks for the link it made my day.

So there you have it. War is the same as obscenity.

Actually, I believe the quote was something like, "I can't define pornography, but I know it when I see it."

So war is more like porn for these people.

C'mon - you know it's true...

Sorry 'bout the slanties.

Nice gams! Could you see any right wing rationale from that angle?

I'd wondered what kept the Washington Monument so..uh, turgid..

Very good parent to take the wee one to a protest. My mama took me to the anti-war protests during the Vietnam era and they've made me a radical for life. May we all bring our young ones into the fold early to foment the next wave of revolutionaries!

This feature is becoming one of my favorites from ya. Its so,,,,
emblematic of how I percieve you,,,balancing wit with grace. Thank you for many many moments.

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