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October 09, 2007


Lucky for us, the constant lifelong flashing of meaningless stroboscopic television images into the American brain has reduced the public's working memory to approximately 35 seconds!

-- signed,
Your Republican Party

no photo op left behind.

what pansypoo said...

This week on..!


for my $$, the most famous photo-props of all: the ones in the classroom with him on 9/11...

perfect punchline, wt.

Not to mention kickass post.

It would be a terrible, treasonous shame if someone mentioned My Pet Goat at this unfortunate juncture. Er -

"Rusty. Do you like gladiator movies?.."

Don't forget this memorable video of GWDolt at the bottom of this web page:

Think about what happened in that Florida classroom. The idiot prez sat there, fucking frozen. And the later excuse used was that he did not want to alarm the children. And now that same dolt/fucker tortures people.

I am aghast.

"Human shields" from what, exactly? Not only were the Demcrats winning on this one even before the rat wang began frothing in an orgy of crippled-child hatred, but there was strong bipartisan support for the bill.

That's why Bush had to veto it in private.

Shields my ass, these people are too dumb to breathe.

I cannot look upon a photograph of that man anymore without feeling intense disgust and anger. It alarms me how angry I am.

"Move over just a leettle to the right, doncha seeit? Its right there, the pink elephant, see it? Nope, move over right in fronta me, there ya go.."

More like Leave no boy's behind!

Dasher, I've come to accept that the guy is just so not normal that there's little point is being angry at him. I am, however, having a lot of trouble with the populace that (almost) elected him to national office. This man is a joke that the media et al. incessantly perpetrate on us. When will the country revolt?

"Rusty,.. have you ever seen a grown man naked?"

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