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October 25, 2007


'Cause that's what passive-agressive bullies do.

The Freeway Blogger was holding up a sign behind the camera, "SMILE IF YOU THINK THIS DRUNKEN PIECE OF SHIT SHOULD BE IMPEACHED"

Hittin on the bald dude. Shocker.

Apparently he doesn't like whiskey breath.

Could it be ANOTHER photo op?????


The only personal space he HASN'T invaded is that between his own freakin' ears. Effing echo chamber in there.
Yup, 'asshat' is about the nicest thing at the moment...calling him "impeached" would be pleasant, too


He is telling the bald guy how much he'd like to rub his head...

"When I gat excited ah touch masef" [folks this is difficult - I have a pesky cat on my lap as I type!]

Commander Codpiece makes the photo props swoon.

more hard werk.

Dang! I was hoping a severe downdraft from the Santa Ana winds would have sucked his helicopter into the side of a hill!

I got to flip him off as the helicopter passed over my house! Twice!

"Ah'm a Burning Bush 'n you can put me out with your hose ennytime you want"

Dubya publicly renounces his loyalty to Guckert.

Tweaker's rubbin' hisself as he leans into the bald guy, HARD.

Betcha JimmyJeff's crying himself to sleep tonite cuz of this picture.

Isn't there just one photo op prop somewhere sometime who'll tell W to fuck the fuck off?

What does he say to them in these situations?
Maybe some MSM reporter interviewed those fire fighters afterwards? Any clipping?

What does he say to them in these situations?

"Ah hear you boys are havin' a hot time out here on the coast! Heh heh heh...what, too soon?"

Its amazing how many bald heads just happen to show up within groping distance of the preznit in these photo-ops. Its got to be his handlers setting this up! Notice how he chooses the male bald head to his right over the cute female on his left.

I wonder if I shaved my head I could get close enough to him to call him a war criminal?

Can't we just keep him at photo ops for the next year or so? It's a simple way to limit the damage he could do.

"Notice how he chooses the male bald head to his right over the cute female on his left."

It's called family values.
heh heh heh.

"How 'bout you two boyz meetin' me over thar at that heleecopter, I got sumpin' special tah show y'all an' it ain't for the pictures either, if ya know what a mean."

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