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November 28, 2007


do republikkkans EVER pay their own way?

I am having a difficult time comprehending why this man is still in the Presidential race

After the likes of Chimpy "winning" two terms?

I grant you, wt, comprehending any damn thing on this utter absurdist political landscape anymore ... well, why even try.

Some day people will burn down the fucking MSM and the MIC. Till that happens, expect outrages that will make the Drunken Tweaker Gay Chimp World Destroying scion of Nazi lucre and his Fat Zombie Masters (rove/cheney) look like Fred the fuck Rogers.

This is why Fox luvs Rudy (and hates NYC)!

Mastermind or merely a partner?

Couldn't have happened without Rudi and Bernie and Larry and Marvin and the five dancing Israeli agents
arrested Jersey City and...

From the link, this was not chump change:
"Another $10,054 was billed to the Office for People With Disabilities, $29,757 to the Procurement Policy Board and abotu $400,000 to the Assigned Counsel Administrative Office."


We midwesterners don't like scumbags any more than New Yorkers do. The trick is getting the SCUM to inform those of us who aren't denizens of the blogosphere.

We really do need alternate media in this country.

Out here on the Coast, they still think this asshole is Mr.9/11, particularly the younger ones who watched that TV show for about four days straight, and have now stone forgotten about it, except for the images of the planes, buildings, people and one more:
The Mayor of 9/11.

Mutherfucker is scum.

he isnt hillary and the fundies think he is the only one who can keep that evil bitch (quoting a john mccain supporter) out of the white house

those fundies would sell their grandmother into white slavery if it would keep hillary out of the wh

Sing out! and sing loud. Let everyone know how sleazy this miscreant is. Talk about a Manchurian candidate.

I think the country has developed an apocolyptic fixation. We (consciously or unconsciously) want to see the whole thing blowed up. Hence silence about invading Iraq when it was plainly obvious that the outcome would be chaos. Further silence about the imminent invasion of Iran and the stripping of our rights to privacy. What better way to bring about the apocalypse than to elect a proven evil fuck? The Giuliani administration would make a helluva TV show.

indeed. outside the east coast, G9/11 is what makes the middle + rite happy clams.

I'm rather shocked myself.

We got clams here.
We got trolls, too.

Yup, he took from the crippled folks and also more than a few poor folks lost their rights because there was a loss of $400,000 to pay lawyers to represent them.

But Rudy got his rocks off and right about the same time Kerik was banging Regan at ground zero in the hotel room set aside for the 9-11 rescuers to rest.

But I'm sure it's okay with you that Clinton was gettin' it on with interns in the Oval Office. Not in his home or anything, but actually IN the office. 'cause that's okay!

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