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January 07, 2008


don't make go there, ok. i am too visual as it is.


... is he talking about?

Me Rudy, you Jane?

I though he was talking interrogation procedures...

i breast fed Judi

Ay! You talkin to me? You must be talkin to me..

Thanks. Now I know what will be in my nightmare tonight.

Are you sure he's not just trying to fly?

Isn't that the old guy that Keir Dullea sees eating toward the end of 2001?

I feel like chicken tonight ... like chicken tonight!

Me Rudy, you Jane?

Jane's gonna kill you for that, Teddy. ;-)

Speaking of nipples, Rudy's really into them.http://www.btcnews.com/btcnews/1779

I had to read that caption twice.

I was shure it sed "chimps", not "clamps".

Vote for Dr. Ron Paul for President!

I think he is going to twist his own nipples.

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