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January 08, 2008


This is how it is done in Provo.
C'mon baby, you'll still be a virgin anyway, in the eyes of Our Lord and Savior: ME.
Join me.
Earth life is not easy.
Join me in celestial bliss.

Mutt's getting ready to pick up his Barbie doll and move her inside.

I quess this is either her conga line, or the
mittsters train.

Just checking to be sure the magic underwear is still holding down the fort.

Get your freak on Mitt!

Go Mitty!

Go Mitty!

Go Mitty!

Go Mitty!

Why did she wash her sweater in Pepto Bismol?

I thought Mitt had to wear the horsie mask to get this kinda action!!

honey --- there is a lot of cottage cheese in that ass these days......

Last time Mittiot grabbed a bitch like that.....It ended up on the car rack.

I am not in anyway insinuating that Mrs. Mitten is a bitch.....

explains why he can't leave the poor woman alone.

He's just fitting her for a choir robe.

That, or he's looking for his gerbil.

Oh well, she's used to wearing Mittens.

wax on...wax off

Dont' forget to breath Mitt, very important

I don't know WHY you people keep pickin in Mitty. His wife is a HOTTIE! And I don't even LIKE blondes, you can go home and ask my wife! (UneasyRiderReferent)

Looks like they were heading here

Looks to me like Mrs. Mitt is praying her man won't do the poop shoot routine.
(The folded arms is how mormons pray in their services, btw)

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