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February 07, 2008


One look and you just know:

they're a Fun Couple!

Several levels of bad are on display here.

Of course, by "fun", I mean "fucking insane".

Deep in the jungle...

How many beach towels did it take to make that jacket?

Color me loud.

From Dot.com to sitcoms, the 70s comeback has begun.

All right, I'm convinced - the RNC has a deep discount program with upholstery fabric stores.



oh...dear...Goddess...NOOOOOOO!!! Elspeth

I present to you the couple voted "Most Likely to Empty Out a Swingers Bar Upon Entry"...

oy vey Maria!

Jebus fuck, what kind of animal died for that jacket?!

Oh dear.

Do you know that I have chairs in my office upholstered in the exact same fabric?

On chairs it looks cheeky and kind of retro. On her, not so much.

There is a British (?) actress that looks just like Mrs. Huckabee. I forget her name, though.

"Look Janet! There's a McCain supporter
Go get him tiger-squatch!"

There is a British (?) actress that looks just like Mrs. Huckabee. I forget her name, though.

Dame Edna?

now now. she's just 2 decades past carrying that jacket off.

the hair don't help.

Are we SURE they aren't brother and sister???

It's some sort of camouflage pattern. If she were lying in the high grass at a Staten Island garbage dump, with a big tangled pile of spandex behind her, she'd blend right in.

I wonder if she killed it herself

Capt. Bat Guano, I do believe that would be an Arcturan MegaPoodle. (They come in Stripey, too.)

Poor, poor MegaPoodle.

I'm just not sure it would be a liability for McCain. Isn't it possible that these liars could cobble together a coalition of the hopeless? I mean, the Dems have proven themselves to be inept when it comes to elections, and I didn't think Bush had a chance, either. Can you imagine? Yikes!

Look, Frances, I'll put it to you like this. If you persist in spreading that meme, you'll be primarily responsible for mass suicides and the subsequent 20 per cent reduction in U.S. population. Srsly, I just don't think the country can take four more years of these schmucks.

americans might actually get off the couch and complain.

her eyes look just like the "exploding prosthetic head guy" in Romero's original DAWN OF THE DEAD

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