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March 14, 2008



[repeat as necessary]

Not to worry. They are just having a good giggle over how many countries they can slip into in cover of the night next year.

If the Goy's gonna kiss me, I'm gonna spit on him.

I can't say I've ever thought about it, but allow me to say how fucking thankful I am that Kissinger isn't bald.

One of my favorite MST3K lines...

*thump* "I ran over Henry Kissinger...better back over him again just to make sure."

How many people did the three guys kill?

how comforting that they are pals.

Bush is just that overwhelming drunk that we've all run into.
"Here's how much I love ya. I love ya. You and me's buds!"
and on and on and on...
Jiminiy God!

Hank: "I knew Richard Nixon. And you, sir, are no Richard Nixon."

look at the little war criminals sharing a fart

I'd like to look at those 2 and cheney sharing a box in The Hague.

Is he trying to climb on his lap? Fat man with white hair, he thinks it's Santa!

"Hey can ya feel this when I rub it against you? heh heh"

Goodtimes in the Reichstag.

Shouldn't Hank be in Hell with Pinochet and Pol Pot by now? And why isn't Cheney there with him?

Neither of these guys could EVER score with an intern. What a couple of maroons!

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