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March 26, 2008


i suspect he is dole.

Invisible bitch slap


Sweet Mother of All the Gods! No!!!!!!!

Looks like he's trying to keep the foreskin from popping up over his head.

Really, what can we do to keep from looking at this 4 years.

I think I'll have to commit myself (for safety's sake)
to a padded cell with no access to teevee, radio, and newspapers


Handsome d00d is Handsome.


He's almost worse looking than chimpy. And he's so much more droopy. Horrible.

BTW, what the hell are we all gonna do if we win?

Will we have to get real lives? :-)

BTW, what the hell are we all gonna do if we win?

Will we have to get real lives? :-)

Posted by: fourlegsgood | March 26, 2008 at 11:25 PM




FLG, we will find SOMETHING to snark about, afterall, the Dems aren't perfect...we will have to keep them on their toes and rebuilding our country.

BTW, what the hell are we all gonna do if we win?

can you imagine the opportunity to parody someone you're actually sympathetic to? interesting challenge.


He does look like Popeye.


Looks like he's got something stuck in his throat... anyone seen the chimp lately?

He wins, I'm gettin' a passport fast as I can.

He's either doing the Dangerfield "I don't get no respect" thing or he's fingering a heretofore unknown tracheotomy.

Either way, I just threw up a little in my mouth.

His health is poor now so odds are you will not have him around for 4 (or more?) years. I am sorely curious as to who he will pick as his running mate. If it's Willard, I am not sure he can win even if Hillary is the D nominee.

i will miss america if this comes to pass.

Those G-forces are a real bitch sometimes.

That's hot.

Time to express that rage gland, stat. Paging the blonde lobbyist auxillary, paging the blonde lobbyist auxillary.

Cap. Bat Hussein Guano,

You owe me a monitor!

Man, the Cong sure did a number on his face, didn't they? They must have used the infamous Play Dough Puller...

Great picture! I saved it to use in slide shows for work.

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