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April 07, 2008


Class will tell....


Just damn.

I do have to say that she is looking a lot better. at least she's gotten rid of the evil french twist from hell.

ooo can you feel the luv?

Now I'd vote for him.

Oh my.

Did they buy those clothes from Bananna Republic, way back in the day?

Stoopid Ns!

He said that to his WIFE in front of other people! He gets my vote too. More Bush and a dangerous temper. Yowza!

too bad she's not Asian. then she'd be a "gook cunt".

we have GOT to get these fucks out of our government and back to their rightful place, drunkenly ranting to noone at the end of a bar.

Yay for the Dim Angry Old Man!

He knows a cunt when he sees one!

Yay for him!

well now, what's not to love.

Oh, come on. McStain said he only flies off the handle when he encounters an issue he is passionate about.

Obviously, he is VERY passionate about his hair...

Yup, what pansypoo said . . .

What he said was staged.
He didn't mean it.

He was just trying to get the NRA vote.

but he doesn't smoke, so there's no need for the mainstream media to get involved...

hey - what's up with her pinky?

(evil laugh)

But he was only 56 years old when he made that off color comment. I'm sure he's matured since then.

He's such a stud...

No wonder he gets frustrated - he only has Ken's, um, endowment.

Christ on a pogo-stick! Could that woman's face appear to be pulled any tighter? looks like she's pulling a 20G dive...Mr. Wound-too-fucking-tight and Mrs. just-looks-that-way

Considering that Cindy's the one with the family bucks, why on earth would she let that shrunken little shit talk to her that way?

Were it I, I'd get a nice, firm grip on that afore-mentioned twirled hunk of hair, set my feet, and tear it right off his freckled skull. Then I'd let him know that he could pick up his shit at Unit 46 of the Public Stors-A-Lot.

Cindy, call me. We need to talk, girl.

CatStaff, um...uh... If I ever have the pleasure... I will consider wisely my choice of words!

Eep! I wonder if that's on tape anywhere. If three reporters where there . . .

The Crapture: I agree. Just heard yesterday that she is worth $100 million, and yes, there was a pre-nup and McFilthy Mouth won't get a goddamned penny. Which seems to suggest that she wants to be the First Lady so much that she is willing to put up with her husband's bullshit. If that's the case, it's kind of hard to feel sorry for her.

Lesson for blogosphere: Find out how to piss off McCain, and do it repeatedly, until he snaps, live-on-air.

We need more Mike Starks.

For the four millionth time, WHO DRESSES THESE PEOPLE?

C'mon!! What war hero doesn't call his wife a cunt?

/Chris Matthews

Queek, darling, I have no doubt whatsoever that you could never be guilty of such a vulgar and demeaning display.

That sure looks like a check that he's holding in his hand. Regardless of what it is, ya'd think he'd have sense enough to tuck it away or hand it to an aide, etc. Poor old fellow probably forgot it was there. Jerk.

that might be the tightest hair style ever

I rarely post after Sharkbabe. Just too good.

Such language! Calling his wife a... trollop.

Just what America needs, another crass asshole running it.

If he makes it, she's going to be about as happy in the Whitehouse as Pat Nixon was in her day.

Anybody want to follow him around on the campaign trail with a camcorder yelling "Is it true that you called your wife a trollop?" and "Is it true that you called your wife a cunt, in public?" Bet he'd snap in days. %^D

"Anybody want to follow him around on the campaign trail with a camcorder yelling "Is it true that you called your wife a trollop?" and "Is it true that you called your wife a cunt, in public?" Bet he'd snap in days. %^D"


this explains how he could tolerate the comments during the SC primary in 2000.
He has a little regard for Cindy as KKKarl has for the truth.

I bet the McStarter wife is privately giggling her head off.

To trust myself, and believe everything nice!

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