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June 14, 2008



bloggers rule!

Those idiots. They obviously don't realize the value of the links in terms of traffic and search engine ranking.

Fuck them....Stick with McClatchy


If they don't want people to link, why do they put their garbage on the internet?

In Canada, deeplinking isn't considered a copyright violation as it is in the US but that's not exactly the point.

Thanks Watertiger - I put up a post, too, and asked the Scissorheads to sign the petition.

Oh, and Sonny Bono, if you are reading this in Hell, Thanks big bunches for the Millenium Copyright Act.

Someone remind me to find Sonny's tree and thank it.



Associated Who?


No, you pee.

less photo blogging?!?!?
good or bad. less georgee and lauWa.

Screw 'em.

Seriously. It's the biggest bunch of crap I've seen in a while.

I'm posting on this at my own site. The title will be "AP enters the business of withholding the news."

ap sucks.....

they will actually regret this

They'll notice. The NY Times had to relent and make editorial content available and the AP will recognize it's mistake too. Sadly, anyone worth a damn will no longer link to them. Suck on it, assholes.

Congratulations, WT and all who participated! AP just caved. YEAH! (dances off into sunrise with underpants on head) &mdash hey, we amuse easy, OK?

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