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July 06, 2008


And yet...(sigh)...and yet, impeachment is 'off the table'...?!??!?!? OFF THE GODDAMNED TABLE?!?!?!?!
Not that I was a Bill Clinton groupie, but everytime I see the shit that the "kommandant of kennebunkport", the "cedar clearer of crawford" has wrought upon our country and yet is STILL not impeached by the entire Legislative branch but that Ol' Bill was flayed alive for a little hanky panky w/a willing partner and a cigar - I just wonder WHY, WHYYYYYY "we the people" have not organized a helluva table-setting for OVERDUE impeachment proceedings for George W. Bush, the current "president" of the (formerly more) United States of America?!?!?!

Goddamn those lazy, bloated, motherfuckers in the House and Senate that refuse to support such measures!!!

May they rot in a hell of their own making - but leave the rest of us out of it!!!!

the decidere's glory.

This is yur best, Watertiger.

In the picture of Dillhole with the book at 9:05 I have tried to guess what he's thinking/feeling at that moment. I think I may know. Let's say that the neocons are guilty of allowing/helping 911 to happen. That expression is the look you get on your face from instant and massive regret when you realize that that naughty little thing you've been planning has just actually, and irreversibly happened. Basically the visual representation of 'OH SHIT, I've really done it now!"


If only he would stop by and have a beer with me. There are big wood chippers for rent in my town.


I'd forward this series to some of my mouth breathing, fucking moron, 28-percenter, red state relatives but they simply would not get it.

This is a classic, W-T!!!!

well done!

There really are no words, WT.

*shaking fist and wiping tears away*

197 days (too many)

You were too easy on him......but nicely done as always , WT.

I'm with Elspeth.

Send this recap to Pelosi, to Reid, to Daschle, et al. I don't expect anything from the right side of the room, but I expected a great deal from the people we put in power because they said they'd clean this up.

Explain to me again Rep Pelosi, why was impeachment off the table? What? Oh, okay, he didn't get a blowjob at the white house. Now I understand.

8 wasted years.... can anyone undo all the fracking damage this complete and total douchebag/loser/fuckwad has done

What Margie in Austin said.

Nice summary, aquatigre.

Virgo, "he didn't get a blowjob..." - um, let's get the security tapes of JimmyJeff's late night 'visits'...that may still be a possibility. ;)
(oh, wait, the cameras were either turned off or the tapes erased, knowing these illegal bastards)

Bad things happen when the Supreme Court steals elections.

Too bad I'm too old to be around for the generation that says What the fuck were you thinking? This guy? Where was everybody?

i'm hoping a year of obama is gonna let THOSEW dogs out.

Dang WT Yooz on fire like thoz towerz!

Capt. you nailed it! That "9:05AM" photo has always troubled me because no one in the media ever questioned him (no surprise) on that bizarre expression!

Ab fab, WT.

You nailed it.

I'm with Missouri Bird and others upthread - dayum, what an excellent job you did on selection of photos representing the tenure of the sociopathic fratboy fuckup. Took me through an emotional roller coaster ride, it did. Normally I hate roller coaster rides, but this one needs to be experienced by all voting age Americans.

As also stated upthread, it's too bad that most of those who need the lesson the most (including some of my kin) would reject the inherent "unpleasant" message. Too negative and contrary to murkin exceptionalism, I'm afraid (ain'tcha heard? We're gawd's country, and can do no wrong!)

Excellent job with a very unpleasant but necessary task.

Jus Cogens!

WT, I look at you every day, that is, your site. Every fucking day, more than once daily. Thank you for your intelligence, your wit, your indomitable spirit. I rely on you. Thanks for being there and doing what you do.


Where did President Bush get all that yellowcake (550 tons)? Since Blix and Wilson were sure they were right, then the President must have planted the stuff there. He also did a fine job getting things just right to implode the WTC. Who's the liar around here?

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