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August 04, 2008


'... to the valley below." You made me think of Dylan.

cue john denver...

That's one way to cure high altitude light headedness!

That divide is positively continental!

oh noes!!

When you posted that shot of Denver taken from Red Rocks the other day it shows the southern flank of Green Mountain in the left side of the frame, that mountain's on fire today, I live several miles to the east of that area and this whole side of town got all smokey.
Apparently lightning was the culprit.

why does god hate skiers?

Now that is a Rocky Mountain high!

glad you are doing your headstand away from red rock, watertiger. yikes!


You never came to Vegas. Your nephew is very upset with you and you owe us $2,500 for the Louis XIII cognac. ;-)

Hey, your feet are itching.. really bad!

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