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August 13, 2008


i am sure the GOP will buy it up to be a freebee when you donate. my grandpa got a jeese helms book. i had fun grilling it.

How come there's a picture of Leslie Nielsen on the cover?

ONE percent! What a frickin pig.
Shoot me. Shoot me now.

Holy Crap! It IS Leslie Nielsen!!!!!!!

Posted by: pansypoo | August 13, 2008 at 02:07 PM
How come there's a picture of Leslie Nielsen on the cover?

Sorry Timmy B
It looks like I can't work and read this blog... alas...

Trollop Jr. is heiress to how many millions of dollars? And she'll donate a whole 1%, how republican of her.


What the...!??!? "Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund"!?!?!?

As opposed to the non-intrepid Fallen Heroes???? So, what kind of tax-shelter is that!??!? ONE bloody percent?!?!? Fat load of good that will do...Jeeeeezus H. riding a faded garden gnome!!!

I am embarrassed for her...even more than before. Bloated, bleached, botoxed, beefy trust-fund princess! Shame on her.


Meghan McMillionaire, One Percenter Extraordinaire.

I think the Bush gal donated more than one percent. It's hard to be more selfish than a Bush twin. But I think she's done it. That's really shocking.

The illustrator made a huge mistake. No offense meant to the esteemed and good hearted comedian, but McCain, in his solderin' days, looked more like Steve Martin than anything. And now he looks nothing like (no offense to that other esteemed and good hearted comedian) the Leslie Nielson double illustrated in the main part of the cover.

Methinks the illustrator was looking at pictures of Frank Lautenberg (who looks an awful lot like Leslie Nielson) when drawing the cover.

Boy that's 17 different kinds of military industrial-strength porny creepshow wack ass death cult shit.

I do love how subtly they always work in the "look - he USED to be fuckable" image - lol!

Left out the boys from the first marriage, eh? I guess they are an inconvient truth that can be ignored. Maybe step-mom offered to buy their hurt as long as they didn't make a fuss. If they are anything like their dear old Dad I'm sure they have a price.

Surf Nazis Must Die!

So, was McCain born old?


Why? She's 23 yrs old, and she's out there making money off her family name and pimping a grotesquely sanitized "biography" of her father.

The vague promise to donate a whopping 1% of her profits just goes to show that she was obviously NOT adopted. The John and Cindy McCain Foundation, run by Cindy, has donated over $500K to the private schools that their children attended. (Most of it WHILE they were attending) Collectively, the various private schools rank as the largest recipient of the foundation’s money.

Would it kill the eldest daughter of a wealthy family to at least make the Christian gesture of donating 10% of the profits? Especially since whatever profits are made are only because of WHO her father is? I wonder if she's getting an advance or being paid for the book - since that would be done BEFORE profit is generated.

Kenosha's being facetious, CJ. It's his . . . idiom.

obviously trollop jr takes after pa.

why cant she donate ALL the money to charity
cundy's millons arent enough?

Kind of like when Babs donated $30K to Katrina relief, with the condition that it all be spent on Neil Bush's "educational" software. Anuses. (Anii?)

That's the cover? I thought it was one of those cheesy needlepoint things you see at flea markets. Bleecch!

"... and don't call me surely, either"

Why? She's 23 yrs old, and she's out there making money off her family name and pimping a grotesquely sanitized "biography" of her father.

She's blonde and has large breasts. QED

KK: "She's blonde and has large SAGGING breasts". Just for the record.

The book I want to read is starter daughter Sydney's version of Chez McSame.

The artwork looks like the cover of my, "Fun With Dick and Jane" first grade reader. It also occurs to me that the picture of him in uniform is supposed to make you believe that this daughter is from his first and only family. Let's just forget all those older kids, who have to be in their forties and early fifties. That would make him a super-geezer.

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