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September 19, 2008


"See, mah job comes with fed-er-ally guaranteed retirement benefits. And in this country, anyone can become Preznit, just like me. That's what they call the beauty of the system. With enough hard work and determination, you too can be Preznit and you won't have to live in to a dumpster when you turn sixty-five."

Need antidote to The Leader of the Free World. Cute animals please.

"They told me there wouldn't be any math!"

Revel in the stupidity. A 90-second appearance, eh? Nothing gets in the way of the bike ride.

"....uuuuhhhh, cost driver!"

"..what was all that crap my teacher said in college again, damn it!"

"The economy is strong."

"You know what, I don't really give a shit so fuck you all any way."

Jeebus, but I hate that stupid motherfucker!

Well he's been raping the treasury for 7 or 8 years now so I guess it was time for a last hoorah before the neocon/bigbiz puppet leaves office. So bang us all for a few 100 billion to prevent some big cheese Wall Streeters from loosing their jobs and to maintain the status quo.

i feel so reassured.

Looks like all that meth has done its work. All those rotten little nubs in his mouth are gone now.

...or a few 100 billion to fix the economy to save the election for the Republicans.

Photo 1: ahhhhh
Photo 2: ummmm
Photo 3: errrr
Photo 4: duhhhhhh

Our MBA president in action explainin all that book learnin stuff he dun learnt back at dear old Harvard.

Furled brow, eyebrows down, concerned stern resolve, highly vigilant, always 'on the case.'
Our man in Saudi Arabia is takin' care of the fold.

nose-hair clipper, stat!

"Money is this stuff, ---See? They has it in Banks 'n . . . other places.
You know whut Ah'm gettin at, right?
Ah mean . . . we buy stuff with it, with stuff that is. We buy stuff with stuff. 'N thet's how some people get it. By gettin it.
The rest of the people, tha ones thet don't . . . put food on the family, so to speak . . . they're the rest of the . . . the people. Not the first ones. 'N sometimes they sell shorts.
This is just the tip of the icecube here.
We're on a learnin rollercoaster . . . .if you ever been on one---Ah wuz ---Ah think it wuz at King's Domininin, or sumpthin lahk that---'N it went real fast and then we wuz hangin with ar heads lookin down 'n it wuz lahk bein' in a plane with some bad pilots lahk those ones thet crashed the Towelheads---Ah mean Towerts in New York . . . . . . . . "

Milton Friedman's star pupil.

That Arbusto business model is finally kicking in.

Grace, not remembering the details of Arbusto I found this link which cites Arbusto was funded in part by OBL's brother...investments which we know Bush squandered. I wonder if 911 was in part OBL's revenge for his brother's financial loss?

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