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September 19, 2008


I can't see the image... *Pouts*

Hmmm, I'll bet that Sarah Palin would be thinking: "these would make cool rugs". :-)

Sort of like this

Frogspond, neither can I. :(

That's weird. I'll try reloading it.

It's teh big striped kittehs.

NO, BABEE striped kittehs.

Bee-yoo-ti-ful kitties. Makes my day so much better. Post this frequently between now and the election or else I will lose my mind.

Me neither, dammit!

Can't see it either. Also, had to stop wolf video--too brutal. Comment made me think it would be something cute.

Teh little one in teh back is thinking, "U givz me hour alone wit dat Sarah Paiin, wit only her nachrel wepenz. I show her how wulvz feelz wif mai nachrel wepenz."

Any regular or semi regular visitors to I can Has Cheezburger will know me by name, and if you click on my name you will see the small, cute, furry little creatures who are rapidly devouring my sanity (because it apparently has a flavor...nomnomnom)...as for Palin, i say let her challenge a moose on the moose's terms...cranky moose, much like the Wu Tang Clan, ain't nothing to f**k with

psychobroad: sorry, but I think that we have to get the word out about what Palin is really like.

Now that's a beautiful and happy family!

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