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September 04, 2008


She does something really unattractive right after the snarl unfolds, too -- she wrinkles her nose like she's smelled something foul. It's very off-putting; not even Cheney has quite a similar mien.

She does have that PNAC chin.

she isn't nice.

You know how you meet somebody who might not be so good-looking, but you get to know them and they're so cool that they become beautiful?

Well, Palin but in reverse.

She does have something of that Cheneyesque huckster ability to sound (to low-info voters) like she knows what she's talking about. Which, as we know, is an extremely dangerous thing.

Check out this pic from yahoo. McCain and Palin in profile definitely do look like father and daughter. Maybe that is why he saw his soulmate.

No Watertiger it's not just you... the first pic I saw of Ms. Palin, there was the curled lip and the first thing I thought of was Cheney...

N ot
R eally
A like

M uch
E xcept
M aybe
B oth
E ndorse
R epublican
S tupidity

A nd
N ever
D emonstrate

A ny
D ecent
V aluation
O f
C ivil
A ction
T oward
E veryone

K ind
I nnocent
L oving
L awful
I t's
N asty
G overnment

F ear
O ver
R epresentation

C ommanding
O ur
R espect
P iranhas
O ilsnakes
R apacious
A ssholes
T otal
E ggsucking

P usfilled
R otted
O pprobrious
F ascist
I nsane
T otalitarian
S hitstains

No, it's not just you.

Nice work, JDFUCC.

Now that you mention it, there is a little something special and familiar there.

Can you imagine her snarl when she found out her daughter first got pregnant only to be out done when she found out it was a special needs baby and just when it couldnt' get any where she found out who the father was.

(sorry folks - not backing down on BristolGate!)

A sort of mirror-universe Cheney, maybe. Note the curl starts in the opposite corner, and basically everything else looks different, too.

Still, it's just as disturbing.

I'm with you queek...

Are her moose hunts the same sissy canned hunts that Chaney adores?

Nope, not just you WaterTiger.

Queek, you know I am still with you on that one. I am not buying what she is shoveling. Even at best (if he is hers), she was trying to miscarry so that she didn't appear to have an abortion. Way to be pro-life there beeyatch!

The whole MILF thing is still working my last nerve - and now there are surveys as to the 'hawtness' of TODD PALIN!?!?! Can you say Creepy McCreeperson??? Nice looking IF you were looking from someone from central casting to play a stereotypical Satanic Cult Leader role in a bad made-for-tv movie...or for a child molester (in real life).

The idiot contingent of America that voted for Herr Bush because they "could drink a beer w/him" (a supposedly former drunk!?!?) left us in a nasty pickle. What now? "Hey, I'd fuck 'em, lemme vote for 'em!!!"?!?!?! It will only get worse and WE the People are the only ones that will continue to get screwed and NOT in a pleasurable way.

It's finally happened 100% - this election is just one big bad "reality show". Started off w/many good contenders, but as time wears on and folks got bumped out of the house/sewing room/island, we are left w/some qualified folks and other folks that shouldn't have been allowed to move on, but the MSM and their corporate overlords kept 'em cause it makes for 'drama' and 'excitement' and gets viewers. So we have Obama, who has the best shot at being a success vs McCain. Biden who is very experienced if long-winded vs Palin an accident happening as we watch.


Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, run away, run away!

How long till she shoots a human?

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