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September 19, 2008


Wow, looks like they ran him thru the Earl Scheib paint booth again to top off his clearcoat, dude's got color again.


More and more t-rex like with every passing day.

His poor crippled fingers. Did you know they got permanantly bent from his torture while a POW? It is true. That is why he invented the Blackberry as he can not type.

"I can fix the economy for one milllllllion dollers..."

There's that "smile" again.
That is creepy

Elspeth -- He's probably using Myth Alaska's tanning bed.

His latest effort was "Idol Gives Back" on the popular TV program "American Idol" in the United States. http://www.yy.co.za/

denis the menace, many decades later.

Poor demented fellah, he just can't get the cadence to "Little Bunny FooFoo" down...all hopes to win the Shady Acres Nursing Home Talent Show are dashed.


He's got that Tommy-Lee-Jones-Doing-Prison-Warden-Dwight-McClusky-In-'Natural-Born-Killers' thing down to a T.

Dude, this is like the third or fourth pic I've seen of their family where she's the lowest person in the frame. How does that just ***by chance*** keep on happening?

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