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September 09, 2008


W T F ???

When you spread the legs a baby pops out.

queek, you owe me a new keyboard.

What next? The Sarah Palin "Real Doll"? I don't want to know...other than she and McCain DON'T get elected and they disappear into ignominy never to be heard from again.

Bring a condom within a foot of the doll and a warning buzzer goes off!

Are you sure that's not Velma from "Scooby Doo: Reloaded"?

But the head is TOTALLY Peggy Hill. Damn, that is creepy.

Does the action model come with a snowboard?

Oh, wait, that's the action transvestite. My bad.

Queek, EEEEEK!!!

Good grief. An action figure?

When you lift its arm does it spout campaign lies?

Down the aisle, I'm betting they also sell the inflatable version.

Of which, McCain has bought several hundred.

should really be a blow up sex doll since MORE MEN like palin.

Well, the hands are realistic - grasping and claw-like.

And the sloping shoulders/dangling arms are nicely evocative of primitive humans but what's with the nappy? Shouldn't that be for the McPow! Kablam! Fizzle! doll?

don't miss the dominatrix version.

is she packin' heat?

Sarah Palin: "There are some things you can't cover up with lipstick and powder."

That doll looks pregnant.

Nope, that doll isn't sexist. Nooo not at all. *eyeroll*

She's got C-word's knees------what's up with that??

At least they captured the religious zealotry in her eyes, the ones that scream:
"God wants me to have passionate intercourse at the point of a gun to give birth to a new nation"

at the website the other doll is "schoolgirl Palin" now that's fucked up.

Does anyone else think it looks like Harry Potter in drag?

if her glasses are fake, she has to take them off.

Womanist Musings calls it a sex doll. http://www.womanist-musings.com/2008/09/sarah-palin-naughty-girl.html?showComment=1221076920000#c4634040827381323361
I think that's just a ploy to drive traffic. Although if that is a sex doll, the same site is also selling McCain sex dolls (shudders)

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