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September 19, 2008


hope I'm still mooning people when I'm that old. I mean, hope I start mooning people when I'm that old.

Moon, waxing and waning.

When I first glanced at this I thought it was Joe Biden.



Hey, for a geriatric, he actually has a nice ass. My ex boyfriend who was only 37 when we were dating had negative ass. Go Mr. Moon! Rock it!

The world's strongest wrinkle.

I would sooner vote for this dude than John McCain - he's actually healthy!

Look ma! No pallor!


he could use some steroids tho.

There used to be an older bodybuilder/ sun worshipper in Milwaukee named Dick Bacon.

No, really. He died in 2000. Known as "Mr. Bradford Beach"

When did Ron Paul start doing underwear ads?

Hmmpff. Poseur.
McCain's strength comes from his ability to uplift women voters.

You know . . . the cunts.

dick bacon wasn't a true body builder. just tanned and good lookin nekkid. i knows cause i used to draw him at art school. i also have the old playboy where he was mr. nude universe at 39.

hmm. i shall have to art blog some figure drawing/paintings. and post dick's pic.

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