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September 25, 2008


Yeah.. put on your golden parachutes now!


You got to love New Yorkers!

And I know times are tough, but couldn't the guy spring for another piece of cardboard after he realized he'd fucXd that one up?

If the rhetoric holds true those pricks won't have golden parachutes to grab, hopefully they'll have some subprime umbrellas on hand at least.

Damn, that's the best laugh I've had all day... LOL

yeah, make it Real Gold, so when they jump they'll plummet to the pavement and be flat-assed smooished as their "safety chute" crashes down on them !! Oooo, I just love that visual ~ he he he

If BAGNews were looking at this picture, I bet they'd notice the second sign in the background, where is the spelling is perfect (by road sign standards): "Road Closed No Thru [sic] Traffic" which is a great metaphor for the financial seize up.

Hey, it's easy to lose track of spelling in the rush to get a sign done (and if you are down to your last bit o'cardboard...!).
At least they corrected their error - something the rethug supporters (sounds like a neocon political jock strap) haven't managed to do "moran"...LOL!

Wonder what it would cost to print hundreds of these? Less than flying a campaign jet to new york, I bet.

bootiful. i'm stealin that.
the people are not afraid.

Damn. I couldn't get down there in time.

Love it. Just beautiful.

I was in front of the WH yesterday in the rain with my JAIL NOT BAILOUTS sign, along with about 40 other people. (Along with some Code Pink babes and Open-the-Debates Naderites.) Anyway, my sign got lots of honks and thumbs-up at 15th and Penn and in the metro station afterwards. People are WAAAAAY pissed.

I love it! If they'd spelled it right the first time it wouldn't have been as good.

That said, does anyone else remember the flash mob concept? What if we flash mobbed congress?

I once read something that said the difference between the U.S. and European countries is that in the U.S. the people are afraid of the government, in Europe it is the other way around.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a mob of angry people waiting for their congressmen or representative when he/she just voted pro-corporate bail-out?

I want to have the U.S. government afraid of the people again. Because when we abdicated our responsibility to be active in our government, we got a corporatocracy instead.

that fucxed up sign is just an example of how pissed off the PEOPLE are!

Good on them all for being there !

When President Bush signed the Bankruptcy Reform Act several years ago, he said that now the credit card companies could lower interest rates. When he signed the bailout bill, he told the "American People" that the banks would start lending agsin. Who paid for the legislation anyway?

they had to censor it because cops told them to, geniuses.

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