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October 11, 2008


couldn't hear it at all. But I am less than thrilled she's already doing the "nothing" photo-ops.
It's like she's the star of "Bush II - this time he's got ovaries!"


Pucks-a-tawny Filly keeps popping up.

Motherpuckin Palin.

What's not to boo?

Still hidin' behind the kids.

Harposnarx - Oh yeah, those kids weren't sent out there by accident.

They were sent as human shields against the booing.

couldn't they trust her to drop a puck? how stupid do they think she is?

hey! you said there was booing!

i didn't hear no stinking booing!

watch the latest video, karen; i swapped out the old one.

I could hear plenty of booing. Wonder what those kids will be like in twenty years. What a god-awful event to have to live through, to have a sheer nutjob like her for a parent.

I was watching the broadcast on MSG's feed on Center Ice. The booing was so loud that the arena kept cranking the music up to cover it. Before she even stepped out on the ice, you could see her say to the guy that walked her out there "They're booing me". (I've had only partial hearing since I was a kid so I had to learn to read lips.) Hopefully they'll replay it on Olbermann or Maddow's shows. I love the Obama/Biden signs in the crowd behind her.

Too bad that one of the players didn't high stick her...hockey mom my ass. She's a phoney, a pathological liar, and a bigot.

Yes my friends, Sarah Palin is a triple threat fundie thug.

I didn't hear booing, it sounded like cheering. Man, am I disappointed...

puck her

I feel sorry for the real hockey mom who's deserved opportunity to drop a puck at a Flyer's game was spoiled. Having to share it with the likes of that droid. Give the lady another puck drop!

If she were in Detroit she'd have an octopus up her ass.

well, i'm going to take watertiger's word that the booing penetrated la palin.

i'll look forward to seeing some footage on olbermann.

the video sound is a bit muddy.

but yay for booing la palin!

That little Piper Palin has apparently decided that the world revolves around her that that her job in life is to graciously acknowledge the cheering of her fans. She is probably being even more ruined by be hauled around to campaign events than she would have been just by having Sarah for a mother. I pity her future school teachers.

WT, cool - new vid has MUCH better sound this go 'round. Totally heard the reverse cheering! :) Effing psycho creature that that beeyotch is.
When you've lost the hockey fans, it's over! (not that she necessarily had them to begin with! :) )

Rene - Oh yeah! Eight legged creatures would have been tossed. Thank all the stars above that I never had to see her on ice at the Joe. But then, the Ilich family are smarter than that. Whenever one of the crappy "news" orgs show the photo of that Palin bitch holding the Wings sweater, I always have to cleanse my palette with this image: http://www.weilandworks.com/summerland/blog/UserFiles/obama_redwings.jpg (ignore the blog that posted it - totally right wing nut jobs).

According to two friends at the game, the booing was unusually loud -- louder than for the Rangers at a Flyers game, which says a lot. Also, she had been dogged by protesters all day.

Nice to see Sarah Palin's "Greg Stillson moment" using her 7-year old as a human shield. She really is a fucking piece of work.

White after labor day?

Here's another clip from the seats. LOTS and LOTS of boos.


I wonder if any fights broke out in the stands between Palin lovers and Palin haters?

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