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October 08, 2008


Naughty photographer!! No cookie.

Objectify much, guys?

Short answer: Yes.

Twisty Faster may have something when she says "Men hate you."

You know, a lot of people made fun of Hillary's pantsuits, but you can really see why they make sense (I know Hillary is older than Palin, but still) - pantsuits and shoes with lowish heels sure send a different message than do skirts and high heals.

I have noticed that Palin never wears pants for public appearances.

I predict strip joints will enjoy never-before-seen popularity among these jerk-offs after their cream team gets buried in the Obama fucking landslide?

Palin's rallies remind me of the WWF where the IQ of the crowd equals the number of teeth in their head. In the case of this crowd that number would be around 16 +/-.

Palin is loved by the wingnuts because she typifies the Dream Girl; ready to breed and ready to please.

No woman seriously into moving forward in business on her own credentials, who wants to be taken seriously dresses like Palin does every damn day. In fact, the pantsuits are a deliberate effort to downplay the sexual.

I know when I lobbied the state house here I preferred a nice slacks/sport coat ensemble everytime over a skirt which always made me feel weaker and more vulnerable and high heels just are the extension of that. High heels exist to sexualize and thus often trivialize. I don't care what others say, that's been my experience.

Business clothes for women can often veer between kindergarten teacher to all-out ho. Its hard to find the in-between so people will listen to what you say and not be distracted by what they see.

Palin has nothing to say, so distraction is all important.

Looks like Jesus Camp.

I'm not complaining!

Dammit! She's cornered the prepubescent sexually repressed young male vote. Well played Sarah, well played.

chris: She's cornered the prepubescent sexually repressed young male vote

These are conservatives here, so I think it's the actually the "repressed/closeted young male" vote. If they cheer for Palin loudly enough, no-one will know that they'd secretly rather be interning for Mark Foley or Larry Craig...

Republican men love to wear pink shirts.

'Nuff said.

i have never seen so many stupid white people before. must be repugs...

i have never seen so many stupid white people before. must be repugs...

I can't decide which is a better way to characterize Palin supporters -- "Jesus camp" or "WWF" (not the World Wildlife Federation). Perhaps a melding of the two: WWJW (who would Jesus wrestle)?

Doing her part for Parallax Corporation recruitment, I see.


Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon.
Going to the candidate's debate.
Laugh about it, shout about it
When you've got to choose
Every way you look at this you lose.

World Wide Jesus Wrestling?

Seeing her Jocasta/Oedipus effect on these teenagers I have new theory...

Trig is as reported Sarah child, but...

Levi is the father!

Which could explain Todd's weirdness.
That's unless we have an October surprise miscarriage.

Pattent leather black heels? Seriously?

I wish many painful years of bunions and hammertoes on this woman.

"Take it off" sure sounds better than the "kill him" yelled at the Florida Bund rally for Palin, but the Young Republican frat boy look still looks better in the original German.

Republican men love to wear pink shirts.

'Nuff said.

Posted by: Luther Brixton

And under that skirt is an adult sized diaper.

i think that kid is gonna shoot someone someday. he's got that far away, dissociative look.

"Legs" caption: "I bet she is wearing a thong. I think I almost saw it."


Nice gig for a young feller. Get paid by the GOP to show up for a rally and look up Palin's skirt in the bargain.

If he keeps lookin' up her skirt he may shoot her in the face...sorry could'n resist that one.

I wanna be nailin' Palin.

Mmm, poetry...

Also, guys, those legs aren't that great. In fact nothing about Palin is as hot as everyone makes her out to be. Compared to John McCain, maybe, but that's a bar so low you need pick axes to find it.

Is that a MILF lover's convention? The problem with Republicans is they're so closeted that when you catch one of those boys jacking off over campaign literature you're never sure if they're looking at Palin or McCain.

Republican men love to wear pink shirts.

'Nuff said.

Posted by: Luther Brixton

Look for "Friend of Sarah" to replace "Friend of Dorothy" in the lexicon.

I'd like to see a comparable shot of Joe Biden. Really, I just want to check out his shoes.

Peace & Love, boc

Starburst alert!

Does that second photo remind anybody else of the movie poster from The Graduate?

"Mrs. Palin, you're trying to seduce me... aren't you?"

....Mmmmmm. Speaking as a "leg" man, no. No! No! Great gams she ain't got.

"Looks like Jesus Camp."

It is.

"YES! YES! YES! Gives us the Whip, Sarah, the Whip!!!

Ask Obama when he was sworn in as a senator what he put his hand on ,it was not the Holy bible

REALLY people? Check ur asses...
Why are you showing your prejudices in such a public manor?
Prejudice against those who believe in God and against those who believe in marriage and children. Do you have a mother? Think about it.
It is ok to be atheist or a numerologist but not ok to be Christian. It is ok for a man to love a man but not ok for a woman to love a man. What is your prejudice showing about you. You all sound angry... what are you really angry about? or do you need an expensive psychologist to ask you that question.... If you are so tolerant why can you not tolerate conservatives or Christians or married people or parents or success or whatever else you hate? Do you really tolerate or do you hate while you pretend to tolerate?

The only Official Sarah Palin Fan Club is at:
Join us!

hello sarah !

i am an iranian young boy from iran . i saw you in election competition .

i love you sarah and i am in favor of you .

i wish you be president or foreign minester oneday , it,s not far .

i think you deserve it . you are goodlooking and attractive,

intelligent , clever enough for the upper grades.

i wish , i can see and meet you one day .

i am grateful of your party(republicans) and its members in

congress for your declarations and lectures about iranian young protestors (green movement).

i think the republicans are brave .

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