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October 23, 2008


Oooo Angry McCain. Fists bunched ready.

Something tells me Sarah called shotgun first and he didn't like riding in the back.

Either that or it is the Alaska version of Rock, Paper, Ice Pick

If Cindy would have just offered her "only worn once"....this would not have been such a scandal.

Awww, isn't it sad when a loving couple have their first public fight.

Hmmm...fists clenched, defensive posture, no smiles anywhere, Palin in attack mode. What's going on in that picture, WT?

Cracks in the facade, perhaps?

She is surely telling him something that begins with "Look, Pops..."

His face reads a little frightened but his body language reads furious.

Is Cindy gritting her teeth, or is she secretly enjoying what's happening?

Go ahead John: haul off and belt her!

Would that Laura Belle was behind the wheel of that SUV w/an itchy accelerator-foot. From freaky pinkie to national heroine!

Well, from this pic, I'd have to say that the "tension" that Chuck Todd described between McCain / Palin during their NBC interview appears to be real ... and a bit more than simple "tension" ...

Wow, what an interesting picture...oh, I would love to have been a fly on the wall.

yeppers, palin isn't about to danate all the duds.

I'm guessing this is just after she found out $150,000 in clothing is ALL taxable income?

Geez, couldn't they have just sold a couple pair of CIndy's earrings to pay for all those clothes?

I would pay to hear that conversation. Lots of body language going on.

Seriously, WT, link please. I'm dying for context here.

Lady in the background looks like she's gonna bolt any second.

When the presidential candidate starts smacking the crap out of his VP choice, what does the Secret Service do?

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