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November 22, 2008


A fuck up getting fucked up. A fitting end.

Oriental Joy Buzzers.

Possibly one of my favorite bands.

Douchebag lost one of his stupid fucking lapel pins too. Does he know where the nukular football is, do you suppose?

Take away his keys, to the nation.

Georgie will drink himself to rehab or death in less than four years.

useless monkey.

Every context, every setting, any kind of people, W manages to embarrass us.

Bill Wilson - can we quote you on that?

Even Bill W. wouldn't have THAT for a friend.

Sick little murdering pig could never make amends with me.

God make him gone!!

Take it from a recovering alcoholic, he has that one drink with the big boys in public, just being polite you know, but that one drink just triggers the craving because as soon as he gets alone he's slugging it down like he did before he became a dry drunk. I'd like to be his sponsor so I could put him through as much hell as I could think of.

I do think he'll go downhill fast. Oops, make that pray.

Can't say personally about booze but a buddy of mine had one cigarette in a bar after 3 months quit and the next day he had a packet in his hand again, back to 20 a day. The brain is a vicious thing! I figure even if it just had the splash of Angostura bitters (45%) it'd be enough to trigger the crocodile snap back to addiction.

Another photo for the history books. They'll have to devote entire semesters to answering the questions of future schoolchildren: "But, teacher, why did they elect him?"

If it were anyone else, booze in the hands of an alcoholic would be sad. In Dubbew's case it is funny; but the rest of the ingredients are telling. Bitter, sour, frothy and free of substance. Topped off with simple syrup for a simpleton.

hey i hate w as much as you, but mmmmm. Pisco sour. goood.

The MSM helped 'w' with the legend of how he quit drinking cold turkey because of religion. Why aren't they debunking his sober life now. Don't you think the U.S. citizens have a right to know our 'president' isn't a dry drunk anymore? I think that should have been apparent every since they hauled out that lame story about the pretzel years ago. Man, his handlers don't even bother to come up with a half way believable lie. That' how little respect they have for the citizens. And considering the citizens put that moron into office twice maybe we don't deserve half way believable lies.

1/2 egg white?

Do I leave the yolks in the comments?

OOOOOHHHHHH. He's going to need a gallon of Purell hand sanitizer now.

Uncle Tio, I can think of one branch of the mass media that's been debunking Bush's claims to sobriety for some time now: The National Enquirer. I'm serious. They do actual investigative journalism. (They have to. It's how they stay out of court.) The real difference between them and the rest of the MSM is the way they present their stories, and their notions about which stories are worth pursuing. They reported clear last year that George was off the wagon and Laura was threatening to leave him.

The source shouldn't come as a surprise. Earlier this year, when Sarah Palin first came to everyone's attention, The National Enquirer had investigators on the ground in Alaska, checking her out, almost as fast as McCain did. They broke a lot of the major stories about her background.

What they demonstrate is that there's nothing keeping the "respectable" national press from doing the same thing.

Whoops, sorry, that was Carol I was responding to. I was confused by the attribution format.

personally, i never believed that bush quit drinking for even a second

quit drinking in public, yes

but quit drinking? bwa ha ha ha ha HAHA

Didn't he imbibe at a foreign conference a while back, and the press got all "It was only half a glass of wine!" about it?

An old AA saying: "One is too many and a hundred is not enough". That also applies to Dillhole and his addiction to war.

He always sounds like he slurs his words, to me. Sometimes more than others. I've just assumed it was alcohol or drugs (prescription).

Pisco is great stuff, about 160+ proof. Chile makes great wine, but this stuff you can put in your glass and set afire, which is how the Peruvian sailors I was hanging with drank it. I can remember becoming aware that I was standing in traffic in Miraflores, Peru, that that day arguing with my Division Officer (I was active duty Navy at the time) that I was NOT drunk. Good times, good times. Lots of stuff in it that gives wicked hangovers, too.

If he does a spectacular faceplant type accident within a week, complete with bruises, abrasions, bleeding, and damaged integument, I will consider believing in a deity.

From this list I created when he was spotted drinking OUT OF A PAPER BAG at a ball game.

WingNut Excuses if it was Revealed Bush was Drinking Again

1. It's not a crime to drink beer!

2. Prove it.

3. Show us the empty can.

4. You can't prove it can you?

5. State your sources

6. You have no proof.

7. It was near beer anyway. I'll bet you want to test the left over liquid to confirm it really was near beer. Tin foil hat time!

8. Just because the President occasionally has a drink doesn't make him an alcoholic. He never admitted to being an alcoholic anyway.

9. I suppose you want a special investigator to find out "the truth".

10. The AA method of never drinking again is not the only way to deal with alcoholism. Besides, the President never attended AA meetings.

11. I thought the liberals would have more sympathy, you are always calling it a disease, maybe your compassion only applies to people who are Hollywood liberals like Lindsey Lohan who go to rehab and get a free pass.

12. Hey didn't your beloved "San Francisco Values" Mayor have a drinking problem? You don't kick him out of office for it or his woman problems.

13. You are hypocrites if you don' t demand that Gavin resign for his drinking problem! Besides do you really think that they would let Bush drink in public?

14. This is a non-issue and the fact that liberals are focusing on it proves they have no new ideas or solutions.

15. They just hate our troops and many of the troops voted for Bush because he's their kind of guy, a beer drinkin' guy.

16. He's the kind of guy you could have a beer with, you are just jealous because nobody wanted to have a beer with Al Gore or John Kerry.

17. Hillary probably says she drinks beer, but really drinks Cosmopolitans or Mojitos like those gay men and women in Sex in the City.

18. A real Presidential candidate would drink American beer, or whiskey, neat. That's what Fred Thompson drinks.

19. In heaven, where Bush is going, there is no beer. That's why he drinks it here.

20. Bush is just getting back to his roots as a guy who drinks beer with other real men.

21. I don't see what the problem is, it's not like he is "on-duty".

22. He wasn't drunk! There were no breath tests! There was no proof of his BAC! Besides, in case of an emergency President Cheney would have acted.

23. It's not like there were any real US threats the week of the Fourth of July anyway. The US threats were vague and didn't tell the date, time, or methods of attack. The threats are all over in Britain, Iraq and Afghanistan because we are safe here because he's the President.

24. When Hillary is President we won't be safe and all the Presidential soberness in the world won't stop the terrorists from attacking once she is President and wants to "use her words."

25. I'm sure it's a one time thing.

26. Now I suppose you will bring up the pretzel incident, can't you people "move on" and get over it all ready?

27. Lots of sober people get a pretzel caught in their throat, pass out and hit their head on a coffee table. Alcohol had NOTHING to do with it.

28. On WorldNetDaily and in the Washington Times they have hundreds of stories about people passing out from pretzels, but the drive by media never report on it so you never hear about it. You only hear about it on Drudge, talk radio and Fox-- thank god they exist or we would never know anything.

29. There goes your Bush Derangement Syndrome!

30. You call Rush a drug addict all the time, where is your compassion for him and his substance abuse problems?

31. Rush was sympathetic to Al Gore III for his drug and speeding problem, where was your sympathy for Rush?

32. Shouldn't you give us credit because Rush has sympathy for Al Gore III?

33. Haven't you ever drank a beer on a hot day?

34. Let me guess, you drink a Pink Lady when it's hot outside.

35. I'll bet John Edward's drinks mint "jewlips" or Pink Ladies when he goes to polo matches, he wouldn't be caught watching a real man's sport.

36. Did you notice it was an American beer Bush drank, not some foo foo French beer?

37. The bag was there to cover up the near beer because the moonbats went nuts over the shot of him drinking the near beer in Germany. The White House just wanted to avoid useless speculation from crackpots with keyboards.

38. Why shouldn't the President be able to drink a beer like the regular guys at the park?

39. This will actually boost his ratings., everyone sort of likes guys who drink beer at the ball game, except for the real whack-jobs.

SAVE WHAT LEFT OF THE NATION, call Pelosi @1-202-225-0100 and DEMAND IMPEACHMENT. DC business hours only, call often, and spread it around.

Stop saying "MSM" and "Mainstream Media".

They are no longer mainstream.

Call them "traditional media".

As in "out of touch with reality".

We the people prefer our news unfiltered, these days.

The first indication of Bush's renewed drinking was the infamous "pretzel" incident when he "briefly lost consciousness" and blamed it on a pretzel.

My guess: pretzel-infused vodka shooters.

Nope, I don't believe he quit drinking, either. There was a picture of him a while back, in Europe, I think, with him slouched over and enjoying a glass of beer. His sobriety is as fake as that ranch in Crawford.

Oh Jeebus, Pisco Sours will get you drunk off your ass. I was warned when I went to Peru years ago to stay away from the Pisco Sours.

After a couple, I felt like no big deal. So I drank a few more. Then it hit me, I ended up in the womens bathroom while everyone laughed at the gringo. Spent the night on the hotel bathroom floor. Had to catch a flight the next morning to the interior and take a tour of our plant.

My asshole boss took a picture of me passed out on a bench outside the plant and showed it to my big boss who accused me of being an alcoholic. I got even with that bastard about a year later and got him fired. Revenge is best served cold.

Great choice, those things will eff you up quick.

Now, where did I put my bitters?

The Japanese do have a name for it, yes?

I have seen several film clips of Bush obviously inebriated over the course of his presidency. The time he went and stumped for Jerry Kilgore in Virginia in '06 is the most obvious, but there were several other times that I thought - "this guy seems a little drunk." I imagine it will all come out in some tell-all book after he leaves office, including the fact that the press no doubt was aware of it the whole time and never reported it.

Here George, this is much better. Call me if you can't find orange flower water.

Ramos Fizz

1 1/2 oz Old Tom® gin
2 tbsp cream
1/2 oz fresh lemon juice
1 fresh egg white
1/4 oz club soda
1 tbsp powdered sugar
3-4 drops orange flower water
1/2 oz fresh lime juice

Add the ingredients except club soda to a chilled mixer and shake for at least one minute. Strain into a thin goblet and top off with chilled club soda, to taste.

This is a slip, pure and simple. There's no such thing as a Virgin Pisco Sour since Pisco IS the booze. People frequently make the decision to start drinking again impulsively, thinking no one will notice, or that one for business is OK. Abstinence must be impeccably observed in order to be true abstinence. Otherwise it's considered casual drinking or occasional drinking. These are sometimes misnomers for binge drinking. I'd bet Bush was a binge drinker, one of the most difficult forms of alcoholism to treat.

God, I can't wait for this reprehensible fuck to be gone for good....

Well, if you're going to hop off the wagon, pisco sour is a tasty drink with which to do so.

I wonder if PrezNit partook of any other Peruvian especialities?

Obama is a puppet just like him. If it isn't obvious yet, just you wait an see.

"The Japanese do have a name for it, yes?"

The Japanese word for "vomiting into the Prime Minister's lap" is "Bushuru"

Interesting. That cocktail was featured on the Three Sheets Chile episode.


Interesting that NOBODY has even raised the idea that it's highly possible that's a virgin drink...they do make those, you know. Criminy. Do you all believe EVERYTHING you read automatically?

A Pisco Sour for a Piss Poor President. Perfect.

A well-made Pisco Sour is an absolutely fantastic cocktail. The egg white is for texture -- you put the ingredients in a shaker with ice and then shake it hard for 30 seconds or more. Delicious. Don't be knockin' the drink, y'all.

Teresa, I agree with you re paying attention to the Enquirer, but I do think he quit drinking, at least for awhile. He had dry-drunk written all over him for a long time. I strongly suspect he's on a very high dosage of an SSRI (antidepressant), too.

Bush lied.

He wasn't dried.

I haven't quit drinking since he became president, either.

...why is this douchebag even taking these junkets? He's the lamest of lame ducks there ever were. Nobody likes him, and nobody cares what he has to say any longer. Does he want to give the Peruvians one last chance to throw rotten tomatoes at him?

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