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November 21, 2008


The Britney Spears of politics.

I like to think I can stomach pretty much anything, but that was too much. How could she not know what was going on behind her? If the neck-snapping sound didn't get her attention, the gobbling had to raise some suspicion that something was going on behind her.

Betcha Cheney's got it on a loop at home, and without the MSNBC blurring, too. She knows her audience.

And to think that whatever craziness she blesses us with going forward, her name will always be linked with... John McCain's.

Heckuva way to conclude your service to a grateful nation, you kept flyboy.

Whorethless bitch. And, yes, I accidentally typed that then liked it so much, I posted it.

georgee had to like it too.

Oooo I like the blond highlights!
A souvenir from Miami?

Slightly off topic but not by much.
Here's a source of priceless photos of Bush.

Download 'em while you can.

I'm a card carrying liberal, but I'm astonished that people think this is a big deal. have you really never seen a bird die before? give me a break.

of course, it's not the bird-icide, it's the lying, but still. honestly.

Where'd that bear skin come from?

Yeah, buskertype, the slaughtering doesn't look that bad. The hilarious obliviousness is very funny, however. Especially with the guy in the background looking at the camera like "Am I supposed to be doing this here?"

Fucking rug might be legit:


finally! 2 "joes" i can approve:

Joe the Cameraman and Joe the Turkeyslayer

Buskertype, it's not about how birds are slaughtered, it's about the cluelessness of a politician giving an interview with graphic slaughter in the background - and not only that, doing so after participating in a fakey folksky ritual about "pardoning" one of the very same birds that's being bled out behind her.

Her all encompassing self-absorption that allows her to blab away with her cliched talking points that say nothing substantial, while the slaughter continues behind her is hilarious!

Can this woman be more tone-deaf?

You know, it's not the turkey killing going on, it isn't the lying about it, it isn't even the blatant hypocrisy of pardoning a turkey and then killing them (even when the President does it - which has been the domain of the president up to now - they don't do AT THE FARM).

It's the needless murder and disregard for the English language that kills me the most.

(Warning: sexist remark ahead)
Her kids must all be miracles, because obviously she's never had a period in her life.

It is the absolute inability of her to judge anything or have any sense of her audience at all -- which supposedly is one of her "gifts". Also her murderous nonsensical talk, I've heard more intelligence come out of the mouths of high school drop-out crack heads. I mean honestly.

Also, as for that picture, I can't imagine falling to sleep on the couch one Sunday afternoon and then waking up with that dead bear head in my face.

It's that people who are breezy about forcing you to watch unpleasant sights—using the argument that they are natural things and happen all the time—are actually deriving pleasure from your uncomfortableness. This woman is a monster. I mean, I seriously think she is emotionally and spiritually deformed.

Well, you have to wonder what's going on in her head when she's standing in front of a dying bird talking about how "brutal" campaigning is, and how being present at a turkey slaughter is an attempt to inject a little "levity" into the interview. Surely nobody can be that oblivious, can they?

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